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  • No reply from customer service

    This past season was the first time I'd subscribed to Baseball HQ, and for financial reasons I had decided not to return next year. I was aware I'd be charged automatically for another year, but I assumed that would come in April, the one-year anniversary of my first subscription. I intended to cancel before that.

    Now I see I've already been charged -- in October. Obviously there was fine print I missed. I sent a message to customer support about this last week, requesting a refund, and never received a reply. This morning I called the 1-800-422-7820 listed at the site. It rang and rang, no one ever answered, and finally a recording said "No one is available. Call again later."

    I am very frustrated by all this. The content of Baseball HQ is great but I can't afford it, and don't recall reading that charges are applied automatically in October. Now I can't even get a response from customer service. Sheesh.

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    Hi Mike,

    We'll get this taken care of for you. No worries. Sorry about the lack of response. Hope to see you back here soon.



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      Thanks Ray for the instant reply! You're great. Sorry to leave.



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        Ray, this has now been fully resolved, so thanks for your help. I hope to return some day when finances allow it.


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          We'll keep a light on for you.