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    hello out there. ive been looking for the sbo% leaders for this year with no luck. ive tryed the mack power tool. but sbo% doesnt work. ive tryed other sites. any leads anyone? will the mack power tool fix its error??

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    Welcome to the forums! I can't answer the "how" part of your question very well, but I can give you the results. The formula for SBO% from the BaseballHQ glossary is (SB + CS) / (singles + BB). The data is in the projections and statistics files, so if you are proficient at Excel, it takes just a couple minutes to create a leader board. With a minimum of 5 SB, the major league leaders in SBO% are:
    88% Dyson Jarrod
    60% Davis Rajai
    45% Marte Starling
    41% Gordon Dee
    39% Bonifacio Emilio
    39% Johnson Elliot
    39% Cabrera Everth
    36% Pierre Juan
    35% Martin Leonys
    35% Casilla Alexi
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      im sorry but i do not see sbo% in the stats and projection screen. is it listed as something else?


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        It's not in that screen, but the data to calculate it is. Choose the CSV version which will let you open the data in an Excel worksheet. Create a new column in the worksheet and put the formula in that column. The formula for sbo% is =(SB+CS)/(H-2B-3B-HR+BB), which is attempted steals over singles + walks.
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          That's right.
          "I made baseball as fun as doing your taxes!" -- Bill James on The Simpsons