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    I'm having a hard time adjusting to the "New" HQ (not a fan at all so far, to be honest).

    I got a late jump in starting my prep for this season and am trying to view older articles that have been posted, but can't find them. For example, when I click on Playing Time Today, the oldest article I can view is from 2/29. The same goes for Facts and Flukes (and pretty much everything else).

    How can I access the older articles?


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    We'll be expanding the inventory of older articles on those pages soon. Clearly, 6-7 older pieces being displayed isn't enough for daily features like PTT and F/F. That's fine for weekly columns, but not dailies.

    In the meantime, the site search tool is your best friend. If you type "Playing Time Today" or "Facts/Flukes" into the search tool, you'll get all of the older content in your results. And content from PTT and F/F is also added to the relevant players' Playerlink pages, so if you're researching a specific player, PLink is still a great resource.


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      Thanks, Ray

      Yeah, that really is a big help, especially during the preseason since people start their prep at different points in time.

      Take care


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        Sooner the better! I have the same issue. Thanks.
        12 team NL only 5x5 with 4 man reserve


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          the search works ... kind of ... lists articles but in no particular order? ... add feature to sort by date?


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            pfny and two year plan

            how do i access these...ive tried the search engine which isnt helping...sorry if youve answered this question before, i should have paid more attention i guess


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              I don't believe these are specific articles, at least if they are they haven't been moved to the new site (as yet).


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                i remeber quite a few in season pfny articles, which helpd target specific players, and also one at the beginning of the year which also suggested a few studs to target


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                  Search for "Keepers" in the search tool, you will find TW history of Jock's Kl column going back to October.