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  • Projected Balance Valuations

    Quick question regarding Projected valuation:

    Matt Weiters:
    Projected Bal:15223426261277368465833$13$13
    Adam LaRoche
    Projected Bal:15623447261285359507867$17$17
    Looking at the projections for the remainder of the year, they look to be virtually identical - one more dinger for LaRoche and a slightly higher BA - but his projected value is $4 higher - seems to be a lot considering the small variance. Why the big variance?

    thanks for any insight to this - i generally use dollar values for a rough idea of comparative worth, then compare team needs with the actual strengths of the player, but i found this odd.

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    Did you mean Andy Laroche? I assume so, since he's the Laroche projected for one more HR than Wieters.

    The difference is RBIs and Runs... 12 and 13 vs. 46 and 39.


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      Projected Balance Valuations

      You mean Adam. I posted the projected balance stats for each player - didn't come across very well, but still the point is the same:

      weiters AB 150 R 23 H 42 HR 6 RBI 26 SB 1 BA .278 R$ 14

      Ad Laroche AB 154 R 23 H 44 HR 7 RBI 26 SB 1 BA .286 R$ 18

      so my question remains the same - the projected balance statistics are virutally identical - only 1 hr and 2 h difference - how can the projected balance $ valuation be so variant?


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        It's the batting average. $4 really isn't that much of a difference.

        If you want to break it down further, you can go into the Custom Value tool and run single-category valuations. That's a good way to isolate the values of each category.