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  • RobR@HQ
    We have playing time analysts who maintain this data constantly at this time of year. Their updates are reflected as soon as they're entered on the depth chart pages.

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  • Bazkar
    started a topic Depth Chart Question

    Depth Chart Question

    I am just curious how often the depth charts are updated this time of the year?

    I use the big picture league depth chart at my draft and highlight the players as they are drafted. This gives me a "quick look" at the league to see how many starers are left at each position along with the pitching rotations in regards to starters and bullpens. I use this in accordance with rotolab.

    Is there a specific day or time that these are updated or is it like a "living document" that is updated daily if need be as positions are won and rotation spots are shored up?

    I want to wait until the last minute to print the chart out but if there is a "final update" a day or two before my draft I would print it out then and have time for additional notes/codes/etc.