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  • updates to player link database

    How often are the notes updated for the players? Is it on a schedule or just when HQ has a comment to add?

    I ask because I am curious about notes for overperforming guys like Shawn Green - for example - his current numbers fly in the face of the comments regarding him.

    This is not a complaint -- just something I want to know because I read the player data base stuff when I consider trades. I need avg and power and have steals to trade so I look at S Green's numbers and say: "hmmmmmm." Then I read the comments and say: "ewwwww."

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    If you're asking when notes from Market Watch, Buyers Guides, etc get added to the appropriate playerlink page, that happens pretty regularly, at the latest within a couple of days of the item appearing on the site.

    If you're asking if there's a schedule to when we do a writeup on a particular player in Marketwatch/Buyers Guides, etc., there is no schedule. It's when one of the writers decides there's something noteworthy to write about.


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      the latter. thanks!
      "I've a good mind to join a club and beat you over the head with it."... Groucho


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        I'd recommend searching the threads for the player name as well.
        Sometimes you'll find locals commenting on injuries or managerial chatter, and other times you get @HQ comments about that player...
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