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    Ok, I hand wickered some numbers just to see ifI was headed in the right direction,..the statistical sample is not remotely large enough or cross checked enough to make me want to drop ordanance on the target,...but if I were to give you a cocktail napkin guess for the week I would say that the Webb/Estrada game vs. the Mets on the 10th should feature some CS's as well as the Escobar/molina game vs Seattle on the 10th (although very likely just 0 SB's since Sea is middle of pack running team).

    On the other side I'd look to the Reds and Cubs series to generate some SB's as well as the Pads and Marlins series, but particularly the Maddux/ Barret combo,...and the Young/Piazza combo (that would be SB's against!),..if I had to go further I'd say Hanley Ramirez gets a steal that the Reds series I'll go with Freel for 2 and Lopez with 1 .

    There ....gosh I feel like I just did somebody's horoscope.

    Now for the disclaimer,...this was a first-stab-back-of-the-envelope-guestimate to satisfy my own curiosity. This is the part where you cast out a theory, set down an experiment to prove or disprove, and then set about proving and or dissproving...a small baby step on the way to something I feel can be done, may just take me a little time to feel it out.

    So there goes watch those games get rained out...the worst thing that can happen in an experiment is to not have anything happen, good or bad.

    Ok so my next call is to my bookie