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    The time of a posting is supposed to be in UTC..Universal Time Coordinated...or GMT Greenwich Mean Time...following the meridian passing through Greenwich...

    The UTC day here in the EST time zone begins at 7:00 ESDT, it will begin at 8:00 PM EDST... thus, for example, at 7:25 PM EST April 1, it is 0025 UTC April 2...
    and 7:25 EST AM (or 8:25 AM EDST), April 2, will become 1225 UTC, April 2.

    At about 9:45 PM EST on April 1, or 0245 UTC April 2, I saw postings on the American League Info that listed times on the order or 4:31 April 2, which is clearly incorrect.

    And I guess that's much more than you wanted to know about UTC, GMT, and the like.

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    You can personalize the time settings by editing options of your user CP. I have no idea whether that would solve the problem you described (since I barely understood it), but maybe it will help
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      "Does anyone really know what time it is.....does anyone really care?"
      - Chicago

      (Sorry couldn't resist the obscure music reference) [insert winking smilie here]

      (Those poor smiley's - still persecuted and in hiding. I think they have it worse than the pre-Wonka Umpa Lumpas.)
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