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    Question on the league overview depth charts.......

    Are the starting pitchers listed in expected rotation order locations?

    IE: Opening Day starter 1st....2nd in rotation listed second....etc.....

    If the answer is yes.......are the additional starting pitchers listed for a team a pitcher who is still fighting for a rotation spot or a pitcher expected to start games at some point during the year.

    I normally do a spreadsheet of each teams rotations and bullpens so I can glance and see how many MLB teams #1 starting pitchers are left.....etc. I am running short of time this year with my draft next weekend (and A LOT still to do) and thought I might be able to use the depth chart to save me some time. It might benefit me to be able to see all positions front line starters/backups as well.......I will be using rotolab for the first time and trying to cut out some of the unecessary paper/pencil stuff if possible......yet still want to be fully prepared.


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    From the explanation on the 'Depth Chart Center' page:

    Starting pitchers are listed in descending order of projected innings pitched over the balance of the season.


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      On a related note...when are the Depth Charts updated? I just checked Houston's page, and Bagwell is projected to have 25% of 1B ABs.
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        Fridays. I'd assume Bags will be (near-)zeroed out this week.