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  • March 11 HQ Radio

    The March 11 link for HQ Radio takes me to a Page Not Found. (March 4 and 18 links are working.)

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    And is there a link to the radio or do I have to type in the URL?


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      The link's on the right side of the home page, a nice big HQ Radio logo/icon.


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        Right, but when you click on it, it takes you to three links, and the March 11 link isn't working.

        FYI, HQ Radio is quite good and well worth checking out.


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          Ijust checked it out and it was working for me. Did you right-click the link to save it to your computer? Left-clicking it caused my computer to attempt a launch in QuickTime. Edit to add: I just went and checked all the paths and links in the underlying documets and they all look correct.

          Please try again (right-click to save as) and let us know if the problem persists. Mention the tech stuff like computer/browser and maybe how you get your Internet. It helps the guys figure out what's going on.
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            I had no problem saving and then playing. Right-click the episode, then save target as then launch once it is saved.


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              Once I saved it, it worked just fine; thanks. (FWIW, the 1st and 3rd shows played by me just clicking on their links.)