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    Ray, just a couple of observations on the 2024 PQS Logs...

    (1) By my count, there are 65 log entries thru the June 6 starts, for which there are no names attached. Just to name a few: Walker Buehler (6 starts), Robert Gasser (5 starts), Sixto Sanchez (7 starts), Christian Scott (5 starts), Paul Skenes (5 starts). I cherry-picked only those pitchers with a minimum of five starts (thru June 6), but there plenty of other log entries that reflect a pitching line but have no names attached as well. Needless to say I suppose, but can we get the "blank" log entries updated to include the pitchers' names?

    (2) Was also wondering if we can get an additional column inserted to reflect the pitchers' HQID?

    Thank you for your time​

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    Thanks for the note. I think you diagnosed the issue correctly... the blank starts are the guys you're looking for. If you filter by teams and sort alphabetically, you can see that the Buehler, Gasser starts are showing no name for some reason. We'll get that fixed.

    And yes, we can add HQID (and MLBID)... at least to the CSV if not the visible table.


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      Blank names are now fixed, and HQID and MLBID are now in the CSV.


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        Ray, you guys added columns to the PQS Log .csv files about a month ago to reflect the pitchers' HQIDs and MLBAM IDs. A very nice addition indeed. However, there a still a number of pitchers that are missing their respective HQIDs:

        Logan Allen (CLE)
        Mason Black (SF)
        Joe Boyle (OAK)
        Jonathan Cannon (CWS)
        Hunter Greene (CIN)
        Tanner Houck (BOS)
        Shota Imanaga (CHI)
        Anthony Maldonado (MIA)
        Adam Mazur (SD)
        Anthony Molina (COL)
        Carlos Rodriguez (MIL)
        Yariel Rodriguez (TOR)
        Paul Skenes (PIT)
        Carson Spiers (CIN)
        Hurston Waldrep (ATL)
        Ryan Walker (SF)
        Allan Winans (ATL)
        Bryan Woo (SEA)
        Yoshinobu Yamamoto (LA)

        -- There are four PQS log entries that are missing in their entirety:

        Jake Bloss (HOU), 6/21/2024 vs BAL
        Adrian Houser (NYM), 4/4/2024 vs DET
        Casey Mize (DET), 4/4/2024 @ NYM
        Drew Thorpe (CHW), 6/11/2024 @ SEA

        -- And two log entries that cannot possibly exist:

        Kutter Crawford (BOS), 8/26/2024 vs TOR
        Yariel Rodriguez (TOR), 8/26/2024 @ BOS

        -- Lastly, by my count there are 34 log entries ( 6/14 thru 7/8) that do not have a pitcher name (currently read as "-") associated with their respective pitching lines. A handful of those same "-" pitcher name entries are missing either a HQID or MLBAM ID.

        NOTE: I have some additional errors (pitcher/team associations) to address but will comment on those in a separate message.

        Thank you for your time


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          I think I know how to fix all of these issues. I'll address during the day tomorrow.

          I was actually looking into that Yariel Rodriguez line today. That is a suspended game from late June that is being resumed on 8/26, that's why it's dated that way in the log.


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            Thanks Ray, I've been huge believer in the PQS Logs ever since their inception over 20+ years ago and manipulate the data in multiple ways. I totally forgot about the 6/27 TOR @ BOS suspended game and that would explain the 8/26 dates for Crawford and Rodriguez. My bad...

            I did forget to mention one erroneous log entry in my previous message: Robert Suarez (SD) has a PQS log entry dated 3/21 and should be deleted. Suarez pitched in relief in that game.

            You folks at HQ do great work!!!


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              Most of the above are fixed now. Still a few aspects of it being worked on.