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Brantley showing up as DH only on CDG Draft Grid

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  • Brantley showing up as DH only on CDG Draft Grid

    Just fyi, Michael Brantley (Hou, LF) is listed in the Playerlink as being a LF with 70% playing time in the OF. But for some reason, when I generate the Grid view from the CDG tool, he only shows up as a DH. It's a minor problem but wonder if other players have a similar problem not showing up on the grid under their primary position. But he's the only one I've noticed so far so perhaps it's a database error for him. thanks

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    It's not a database error; that's where Brantley played the most in 2020, so that's where he gets listed. Check the box to "show all position eligibility" in the CDG grid view so that you can see the OF notation next to his name.


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      Also make sure you’re putting in the right number of games to be eligible, whether that be 5, 7, 15, 20 or something else.
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        OK thanks, it was the 20 game eligibility setting that was set, changed it to 5 games and he showed up as an OF in the grid now. In playerlink he still shows up as a "LF" not a "DH" so I thought "LF" was his main position last year. Thanks