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    I know I asked before, and it was on the "to do" list but I can't find the thread, so I'll start a new one. (Sorry)

    Any chance we can have something added that will allow us to change position eligibility from 20 games to 10 games?


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    our eligibility from a previous season is 15 games, which I think but could be wrong, was the original total from the inaugural Rotisserie book in 1984 because that was our Bible.

    we also "go rogue" on players with limited play - they only need a second position as half as many as the main one.

    so 100 2B, 14 OF is a 2B.
    but 22 2B, 13 OF is a 2B-OF.
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      It's #1 on my wish list for this season in the CDG. Doesn't necessarily mean it's going to get done, but I'm asking for it.


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        Guess that's all I can ask for. Hate spending the extra $$ for Rotolab just to get 10 game position eligibility. Thanks and Merry Christmas.


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          The hack/do-able fix might be to put a selector in the CDG that lets you choose 10-15-20 game eligibility.