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MACK Purpose and Season Evaluator tool?

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  • MACK Purpose and Season Evaluator tool?

    Hi guys,

    Two questions:
    What is the purpose of the MACK tool? I read everything associated with it. Would I enter in all the teams from another league I play in so that I could better analyze them? Do I only enter my team? etc.

    Also, is there a feature on Baseball HQ or a related site that lets you plug in the guys you got in a draft and simulate your standing based purely on the summation of projection totals alone? I, of course, know I could just add them up myself I was just curious if a tool out there existed.

    Thank you,
    10 team AL-Only 5 x 5 league $130 Budget

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    MACK allows you to develop reports to analyze your team and (potentially) others in your league, to break down trades, free agents, etc. We'll be adding a standings report tool like you describe to MACK soon, so there's another incentive to use it.


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      The site says: "Each subscriber is allowed a maximum of ten different reports for their account." (emphasis added). Does that mean I can only make 10 reports over the course of the season? Or does that mean I can have 10 active reports at a time? (I'm reluctant to try making my first report now, when I don't need it, if that would mean I only get 9 more attempts).

      If it's the former, what happens after I reach 10 reports, and I want to make more?


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        It's 10 total reports at any time. If you create 10 and want to create an 11th, just delete one of the first 10.