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rotolab emergency; help!!!

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  • rotolab emergency; help!!!

    I just purchased rotolab through the baseballhq website, assuming I would be able to immediately download it. Instead, when I check the status of my order it seems to suggest that rotolab will be shipped to be by mail. since the first of my two drafts is tomorrow morning, I'm a little concerned.

    My main question is: is there someway to get rotolab downloaded within the next few hours so I can prepare for my draft tomorrow?

    FYI: I have used rotolab for the past few years and totally depend on it. I waited until the last minute because I don't own a laptop and alway have to borrow one for my drafts. In past years, I have downloaded rotolab to my home pc then, w/Merv's help, temporarily copied it to a borrowed laptop. This year, I figured I'm familiar enough w/rotolab that I don't need to do that, thus this 11th hour crisis.

    I'm in a panic; w/o rotolab I will have to spend the next several hours prepping w/o it, including caclulating league inflation by hand, preparing grids to take w/me, etc.

    Merv or anyone out there, can you help?

    10 team, NL only, Traditional 5x5 Rotisserie League Auction, Keeper League w/ 17 reserves, in 36th year. 2018 1st place after 2 rebuilding years.
    12 team, NL only, Traditional 5x5 (OBP instead of BA) Rotisserie League Auction, Keeper League w/8 reserves, in 14th year. 2018 4th place after going all in.
    14 team, Mixed, Traditional 5x5 (Net Wins instead of Wins) Rotisserie League Snake Draft/Redraft league w/5 reserves, in 13th year. Perpetually at or near last place.

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    Rotolab is not shipped by mail, nor is is a BBHQ product (although you can purchase it here).

    You can download it at, and I suggest sending email to '' ASAP for help getting started.


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      I'm here, up until 2:00 am tonight and tommorow night, we can fix you up. e-mail me at