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First time playing in a 'Points League"..

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    Thanks for the input

    I've learned a few things:
    1. Never draft in a league that most are from the opposite coast (I live on East and many were on the West). I was completely worn out a few hours into the draft.
    2. I am not a big fan of points league, simply pick the best player who will provide the most points and move on. Not too much fun in my opinion.

    To answer an earier question, while I was not able to factor every cat, I was able to take care of the majority of them and the highest points cats and pitchers were WAY much lower than batters. Yes, you can get 10 points per win but only a handful of pitchers reach 20 wins and there's a nice doc off of Losses.

    I made a few mistakes and especially toward the later part of the draft where I couldn't even think but here are my picks, in order, and I drafted 15th out of 20 teams, I used the player projection with PTS as a category that accumulated just about all the cats, here's what happened:

    1. Michael Young -- I debated on taking Miggy here but I just love this kid, really no weakness. Todd Helton was the best player available according to my list but like many rounds, I was able to see what Yahoo had as their highest rated player left and Young would definitely not been there in the early second round. Helton is way down yahoo's list so I took a slight gamble.

    2. Todd Helton -- Was very happy here! He was a top 10 player on the projection sheet.

    3. Morgan Ensberg -- while some "sexier" names were still on the board, Howard stood out, I really liked Ensberg at this spot, late in the 3rd round. The only other player that was ranked higher was Barry Bonds who I decided I could take a chance and draft him early 4th round....I was wrong and was drafted three spots before me with my next pick..

    4. KROD -- I LOVE this guy, strong K's and should be dominate again. I was a bit bummed out with Bonds getting snatched up before me and once Mariano Rivera was drafted two spots before my pic, I had KROD as a top 5 OVERALL pitcher. Many SP had been drafted by this point who fell much lower on my points projection. Did Rodriguez rank higher than some batters still left on the board? no. Did I feel a bit hesitant to snatch him up? Yes, but I really wanted a high K type pitcher who wasn't going to give me a chalk full of Losses in the process and he seemed like the logical choice.

    5. Coco Crisp. Again, like Helton, another guy who was WAY high on the projection points list but fell to me for some unknown reason. Since we must player OF to a specific position (LF/RF/CF) with only one extra OF spot (any position in OF) I really liked to not only draft great value players but ones who can play more than one position. This is a daily, next day, roster change league so the more flexibility I have the better.

    6. Mark Loretta. I needed a 2b and just about all of the solid ones were gone. I didn't want to reach for a 2b early in the draft and at this point, Loretta was ranked much higher than half the 2b who were drafted. Nothing sexy about this one but he should be solid a nice producer with the Sox.

    7. Jason Giambi. This is where the "when things start to get watered down in regards to talent, take the ON BASE GUY". When guys like Gomes, Lowry, Rowand, Dempster are getting drafted before/around me, I really think Giambi is a damn solid pick here. HR counts as 4 points and you get points for walks and intentional walks so I liked this pick.

    8. J Gibbons. I was going to draft him a round early but his ranking is so incredibly (~1000 ranked?) low that I felt like I could take a chance and was I estatic to get him! He was ranked so much higher on my pts list it wasn't even funny. I knew at that point that nobody was using HQs projections or he would have been drafted at this point. Love that he plays multiple positions as well. What a treat.

    9. Kelvin Escobar. No, I am not a LAA homer but like KROD, he was a top tier pitcher still left on the board. I also liked the fact that he can play in any P postion: RP/SP/P so just in case I ended up with tons of SP or needed flexibility when Kelvin starts, I can plug him in anywhere.

    10. Mike Sweeney. I should have drafted a Catcher here but didn't and am praying that Sween won't get injured again. Big upside if he is re-energized.

    11. F Liriano. Was surprised he lasted this long, given the amount of pitchers drafted but looking back, I should have drafted a Catcher. The reason I didn't was because most of them fell in a tier and didn't produce that many points so why overreach?

    12. Reggie Sanders. Another "player who was ranked much much higher and isn't getting any love" player that I was very happy to snatch up. Currently my LF/CF/RF/OF looks like this:

    Reggie Sanders - LF
    Coco Crisp - CF (also can play LF)
    J Gibbons - RF (can also play 1b)

    Not shabby for a 20 team league I think.

    13. Khalil Green - highest on board and "just in case" I don't want to plug in a terrible SS.

    14. DeJesus
    15. Juan Rivera
    16. C Qualls
    17. T. Hall (must take since I needed a C starter)
    18. J. Vargas
    19. D. Miller (one of the last starting catchers)
    20. Carrasco
    21. J Thomson
    22. C. Wang (getting a starting pitcher for the Yankees in the 22nd round? I'll take it)
    23. Villone (hope to snag a lot of cheap HLDS)
    24. Woody Williams (wanted to target SP in solid pitcher's parks and/or solid middle relief pitchers)
    25. C. Burks. I like the fact that he can play so many positions and ALL it would take is for an injury for him to really be a nice sleeper pick here.
    26. Greinke. Should not have taken him but with so many DL spots, at worst, I can stick him there and pick up someone else off the heap.
    27. Witasick.
    28. Jerome Williams
    29. Antonio Perez. Can play filler for 2b/3b/SS/CI/MI/Util spot.
    30. C. Vargas


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      Hey, is it a H2H league? If so, do you set the lineups daily or weekly?


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        It's a next day lineup change. Not h2h but a points league.


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          I think in a few weeks you'll wish you had some more SP... although I'm not sure what you would have given up. I've never actually seen Helton drop past the 10th pick in a points league in my life. Who did you have projected higher than him? Also, could you post the first round results?


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            Well, the reason I don't have as many SP is because while yes they can get 10 pts per win, they also get docked with losses. Plus, they don't pitch as much, unlike playing better every day players that have more value.
            I was also shocked that Helton lasted that long. I think it had something to do with yahoo's ranking him so much lower so for the people who didn't alter their pre-ranking list, they simply was caught up in the excitement and failed to see him. I took a gamble there and it paid off. Posting first round results in a minute.


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              M. Young