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Stat sorting feature?

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  • Stat sorting feature?

    Quick question ...

    Since I'm new to this site and don't know all its possibilities -- does it have some kind of stat sorting feature?

    Is there a ranking according to the type of metrics this site relies upon?

    I've seen the alphabetical player data base. But outside of timely articles on given players, how do I compare who is best in any given category?

    If so, please provide a link. I am still trying to understand and get used to a lot of the acronyms used here. Thx.
    RIP Paco de Lucia.

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    If you go to Player Projections , you can download the Excel version of the data, and then you'd have a spreadsheet for sorting, filtering, etc.

    Also, don't forget the Learning Center, which explains the HQ philosophy, and the Glossary.


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      Thx TOM.

      One more thing.

      Allow me to thank-you and and your peers here -- I am so impressed by the responsiveness and quality analysis on this site -- in particular, the Subscriber Forums are a real eye-opener.

      I have been to other paying sites but never have I seen anything resembling this. Kudos.
      RIP Paco de Lucia.


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        Also, check out the PowerSearch feature in the MACK Team Tracker.


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          Thx -- MACK looks interesting. I'll give it a try as soon as I can set aside some time.
          RIP Paco de Lucia.