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    My league is entering its thirty-fourth year and it took me longer than it should have to realize I was going into our auction draft with too damn much information, so for some years I keep the Analyst handy but basically just have a modified and annotated custom draft guide. One problem in preparing for the big day is that a lot of the players listed are no longer on major league rosters...we usually draft the Sunday after the season begins. This year it's next Sunday because of Easter.

    I usually print out my final draft guide the morning before the auction. Is there any way for the players listed to be limited to those actually on current rosters?

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    No, our data is all based on balance of the season projections, not who is active on any day. If you need Opening Day rosters, Rotolab has them.


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      yeah, I am in an old-school league as well with no bench - but the tides have to turn to seasonal angles and not just "today." has current rosters, and while it might take a little pruning, hopefully you can eyecheck who's there and who isn't......
      NL 12-team 5x5 auction keeper. no bench, limited 'free' moves #oldschool
      our owners have a combined 292 years of experience in this 36-year-old league that is being cryogenically frozen until spring 2021.
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