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  • Rotolab

    Hey all. Thinking about getting rotolab for the first time. Had one question. When I import projections from HQ, can I also import keepers from Mack?

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    No, you would need to set up rosters separately in Rotolab. (It's a lot easier than it is in MACK, though!)


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      Thanks. That helps. I will go ahead with it since it seem pretty easy to do.


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        Fastest way to add keepers in RotoLab: On the roster screen, park the cursor on a team. Press the "A" key for Add player. Type 3 characters of the player's last name, that will usually get you close enough where you can cursor down to the correct on. Then, when on the player use your keyboard:

        [ENTER], [ENTER], type Salary and [ENTER].

        Do one team all the way then move to the next. Much faster than the Draft screen.


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          Thanks - this will be very helpful!


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            Rotolab help with scoresheet too? I'm mostly interested in in-season management. I've used Mack in the past, but its pretty cumbersome and not as pretty as rotolab (at least from the images I've seen). Should I invest the time in learning to use Rotolab? (Money doesn't matter to me, only fantasy championships).


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              Rotolab will let you easily manage your roster and see the rest-of-year projections (which are updated regularly.) You can set up a reserve list and move players back and forth just by dragging-and-dropping. You can also add "flags" to your players (e.g. "speed", "like", etc.), as well as attach your own custom notes.