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LIMA -- Central List of Names?

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  • LIMA -- Central List of Names?

    Hi guys,
    I'm co-managing with my brother in one particular league this year and we both missed our live straight draft. As a result, we're left with what Yahoo had preordained to be the best available. Apparently, Yahoo has low regard for RP's.

    Anyway, I want to dump half of our stable of SP's and pick up some quality RP's instead. As expected, the top names were drafted. My question: Is there a list somewhere on the BBHQ site with all of the strongest potential LIMA candidates listed? Or is that something I'd have to generate myself? If I need to generate the list myself, could someone please provide some direction (use the MACK engine?). I've been poking through archived pitching articles and gotten some names, but I wondered if there were an easier way.

    Thanks for any guidance you can provide!

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    Download the Excel file of pitchers, combining NL and AL files if necessary. Then turn on auto-filter and fire away! Filter for k/9, bb/9, command, IPs, whatever you like. Compare to what's available in your league and hit the wire!
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