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    I asked this question in PT today, today, but didnt get an answer.

    I didnt realize until today that your % changes for PT relate to the team rather than overall. For instance, Verlander is listed as a -3% PT change for Tigers and +12% change for Houston. I am assuming Verlanders overall PT will not change at all in move from Detroit to Houston. Can you explain?

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    % for all pitchers on a team adds to 100. Essentially we treat pitcher as one position per team, like 3B... so all 3B on a team add to 100%, and so do all pitchers.

    I wouldn't expect Verlander's PT to change much, depending on how the month goes for the Astros and whether they can ease up on him down the stretch.


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      Thanks Ray, I was incorrectly assuming that the PT% changes in PT Today reflected a change in overall PT% for a player, not PT% changes for a team. And, I was under the impression that PT% drives ROS stats (at this time of year, you dont mess with the metrics that drive counting and average stats, it is only modified by a players PT). Correct?

      And, so you are saying that the PT% reflected in the team depth charts is not linked to the PT driver of ROS stats, do I have that right?

      Sorry I seem to be muddle headed about this.


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        PT% is for the player, yes, and drives the ROS projection... but it's always rooted in a team context. Really, there's no reason Verlander's projected PT% should have changed between DET and HOU... was probably more about housekeeping than anything else.

        And yes, I'm beyond the point of messing with rate stats in the projections.


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          Thanks Ray