We are based in Central New York (Cortland) and our 5X5 auctions mixed keeper league is looking for 2 owners. You can participate over the phone or online for the auction draft.

We have a roster of 10 pitchers, 13 hitters (just one catcher and 2 utility positions), and 2 minor prospects.

League fee is $150. Categories are: OBP, HR, SB, RBI, Runs, ERA, WHIP, Saves, Strikeouts, and QSWL (quality starts + wins - losses).

The league is well established but unfortunately things happen and owners move on (marriages, kids, new business ventures, etc).

Keepers are based on contracts (year drafted player is an "A" player at that salary, 2nd year same salary but "B" status. After "B" year you may sign the player to multiple years at $5 per year so a $10 "B" player can be signed as a $35 "CCCCC" which means you can keep the player for 5 more years (7 total).

If interested I can send rosters and the rest of rules.

Please leave post here or contact me directly (dimadman@hotmail.com) or 607-345-9334 (text or call)

Thank You,

Michael DiMattei