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Mixed Keeper (Limited) League needs 2 owners!

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  • Mixed Keeper (Limited) League needs 2 owners!

    We are based in Central New York (Cortland) and our 5X5 auctions mixed keeper league is looking for 2 owners. You can participate over the phone or online for the auction draft.

    We have a roster of 10 pitchers, 13 hitters (just one catcher and 2 utility positions), and 2 minor prospects.

    League fee is $150. Categories are: OBP, HR, SB, RBI, Runs, ERA, WHIP, Saves, Strikeouts, and QSWL (quality starts + wins - losses).

    The league is well established but unfortunately things happen and owners move on (marriages, kids, new business ventures, etc).

    Keepers are based on contracts (year drafted player is an "A" player at that salary, 2nd year same salary but "B" status. After "B" year you may sign the player to multiple years at $5 per year so a $10 "B" player can be signed as a $35 "CCCCC" which means you can keep the player for 5 more years (7 total).

    If interested I can send rosters and the rest of rules.

    Please leave post here or contact me directly ( or 607-345-9334 (text or call)

    Thank You,

    Michael DiMattei

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    Here are the rules for the league-you may also contact me directly ( or 607-591-1493

    2019 season
    1. Draft day will beMarch XX 2019 and will be held at the NBT Bank located on Groton Ave. Leaguebusiness will begin no later than 1200pm. The draft will begin promptly at1230pm. Please keep monitoring for any changes. *Saturday draft-league businessstarts at 1245pm, Sunday draft-league business 12pm. Owners not able to attenddraft in person will be contacted prior to the start of league business usingZOOM software invite.
    2. On draft day, allteams will declare the positions for each player remaining on theirroster. Each team will have a $260working cap. This season (2019), teams will have $260 minus the salaries ofremaining roster players from 2018 to determine the cap room available at thedraft. Teams will take turns drafting playerswith a minimum $1 bid. Every team canbid on this player with a minimum $1 increment. The team with the highest bid wins the player and this bid becomes hissalary. This salary is then deductedfrom the team’s salary. The team muststate the player’s position. Thisposition may be switched during the draft but must be specified at the draft’sconclusion. The positions are: 9pitchers, 5 outfielders, 1 catchers, 1 first baseman, 1 third baseman, 1first/third baseman, 1 second baseman, 1 shortstop, 1 second baseman/shortstop,and 2 extra hitter. A hitter may only beplaced at a position in which he played 20 or more games in 2018 or theposition that he played most if he did not play 20 games at any oneposition. Eligible position for rookies andplayers who did not play field positions will be determined by a consensus ofthe owners prior to the draft. Duringthe season, a player may be switched to another position if he plays at least10 games at that position. Any hittercan be the extra hitter. Pitcher’shitting stats and hitter’s pitching stats do not count. Teams must have enough money left to completetheir 23 man roster. The draft ends wheneach team finishes its roster.
    AMMEND 2017-beginning in 2018; only 1 catcher position willbe listed and an extra hitter will be added.
    After the draft there are three categories of players forroster moves outlined later:
    Type A ~Drafted in 2019 or not drafted (free agent). Salary is draft salary or $10 if not drafted(free agent).
    Type B ~Drafted in 2018 and retained for 2019. Salary is 2018salary.
    Type C ~Contract player. Salary is determined in Section 6.
    (Type Dplayers are disabled list replacement players)
    3. Each team will pay$150 on draft day for owner’s fees. Ifleague fees are available from the previous year’s transaction money, they willbe used to cover the fee, otherwise, owners will pay $150-league fee and $10 topay for league site ($160 total). For 2019, league fees will be paid usingtransaction money surplus from 2018. All league fees collected and theremaining 2018 transaction money will go toward the 2019 prize pool minus the$20 for champion plate for league plaque. The prize pool will be apx. $1800.Money will be divided as follows: $1500-50% for first place, 25% for secondplace, 15% for third place, and 10% for fourth place. We also will award aminimum of $50 for fifth place, when we have extra transaction money we willpay a maximum of $90. $250-each category winner will also be rewarded $25.
    League transactions collected in 2019 will go back into theleague and will be used toward 2019 League Purchase. Any remaining funds will be used for championplate and added to 2020 prize pool. Any roster moves must be made over theinternet or called into the commissioner. The move will take effect the next day or the same day if phoned inbefore noon. All rosters moves will bereflected on the website.
    4. Team standings are determined from the following tencategories:
    a) On-base plus slugging (OPS) OBP b) Total home runs
    c) Total RBIs d)Total stolen bases
    e) Total Runs Scored f)Quality Starts + Wins/Losses
    g) Composite ERA h)Composite WHIP (W+H)/IP
    i)Total Saves j) Total Strikeouts
    AMMEND 2017 - Beginning in 2018, OPS will be replaced withOBP, and Quality Starts will be changed to include wins plus losses.
    Teams are awarded points in each category. In our first place will receive the samenumber of points as teams in the league. If there is a tie, the places are added and divided by the number oftied teams. If any team does not obtain1000 innings pitched, that team will be ranked last in categories g) andh). The team with the most points winsthe season. If first ends tied, the teamwith the best head-to-head record among the tied teams is the winner. Most innings pitched is the second tiebreaker. Ties for other than first willremain ties.
    5. After the draftends, each team’s salary cap is increased to $340. The following moves are allowed:
    A. Switch Positions
    An owner can change position of a hitter as long as hequalifies for this position as outlined in Section 2.
    B. Drop
    An owner may drop any player and replace him with anotherplayer of the same position not on another roster. The new player’s salary is outlined in2. The dropped player must go throughwaivers (see below). An owner can onlypick up players on a major league roster. A player on a disabled list can be picked up but can’t be replaced.
    *4/23/12 Amendment
    I normally like to get a league wide vote but instead thistime I am going to implement a new rule stating any player picked up as a freeagent or waiver pick up must remain on your roster for one scoring period(day)before you are able to drop him. Timing for this begins the moment that playeris picked up.
    Example 1 - Owner A picked up at 1150am with games startingat 1pm on 4/23/12. That players’ stats count for 4/23/12 and once games starton 4/23/12 that player maybe dropped for a new free agent or waiver claim.

    Example 2 -Owner B picked up a player at 930pm on 4/23/12during that days scoring period. That player could not be officially droppeduntil after the games start on 4/24/12. This means that players’ stats wouldcount for 4/24/12.
    If there is a mistake, I will still honor after a post youdropping that player thus making that player available to all as long as itdoesn’t become a habit. I will try and monitor this but I can't see everythingso if an owner is accused of add/dropping for the sole purpose of limitinganother owner's ability to make a pickup will be fined $5 for each offense
    Waivers - All dropped players go on waivers. The waiver period runs two days. If more than one team claims a player, hewill go to the team that is highest on the current waiver list. When a player is claimed, the team thatclaims him moves to the bottom of the waiver list and the list is updated. The first waiver list of the year will be thereverse order of the finish from the previous season.
    Each team will be allowed 15-moves a month. Moves that countagainst this cap will be all ADDs. The definition of an ADD is a free agentpick up or waiver wire pick up. These also include claims on players coming outof the minor leagues, or non-roster players who sign or may sign (Clemensrule). Drops and trades do not count against the 15-moves unless a traderesults in an owner needing to pick up a player to fill an open roster spot.Players picked up to replace a injured player do not count against the 15. Any movesmade by an owner over 15 will cost that owner $2 per transaction. Thesetransactions will either be collected at the end of the season or deducted fromany winnings received by an owner.
    A) Beginning September 1st of each year, transaction feewill increase to $5 after 10 moves.
    B) When MLB roster expand, and if a player on your roster isinjured but not being placed on the DL, they can be placed in reserve, howeveronce they go there, they remain until end of the season.
    1) Players maybe claimed on waivers up to end of the regularseason. Any player claimed using waivers must be able to be active thefollowing day. No player maybe claimed off waivers on the last day of theseason, unless that player will be playing the following day. This type of gamewould include tie-breakers or makeup games scheduled after the season has beenconcluded.
    i) Owners have 7 days from the last played regular seasongame to have an active maximum roster of 23 players. Player eligibility ruleswill be in effect. Any players left on DL or minors (those that have MLBexperience) will be dropped by commissioner.
    2) Owners will draft 2 rookies prior to the auction drafteach season starting in 2014. For the 2013 season, only one rookie will bedrafted and those teams with a rookie on their roster from the 2012 may beheld. At no time can an owner have more than 2 rookies on their roster in thebench position. Once a rookie is called up, an owner has 48 owners from thetime the rookie pitches an inning or has an official at bat to become active.If the owner fails to do this, they will lose the rights to that player if thecommissioner is notified or notices it. Prospects held over on winter roster DONOT count against the winter roster maximum roster number (15) nor do they countagainst the final roster number (12)

    *Amended 4/15/15 -Owners may have up to 4 prospects on their bench during the regular seasononly. This includes drafted prospects (max 2) and reflects those rookies or"Clemens" rule players who were picked up and are ACTIVE MLB playerswho then get sent down by their club. So this is only acceptable if you pick upa prospect/Clemens rule type player who has been called up, and has an officialAB, or pitches at least a 1/3rd of an inning. If said player(s), end up gettingsent to the minors, and you have a bench slot open, you may place the player(s)on your bench during the regular season ONLY. If your bench is full, then youeither must keep the player active or drop outright. At the end of each season,you may only have 2 prospects on your bench. Any prospects not placed on active winter roster over the maximum of 2,will be dropped by commissioner. Beginning draft day 2018, you may have a maxof 2 prospects on your bench.
    C. Disabled List
    If a player is disabled (on an official disabled list) or ifa drafted rookie is sent to the minors, he may be replaced with any player ofthe same position not on another roster. All replacement players’ salary for that year will count against theactive cap for that owner. We will no longer allow the DL replacement to takeon the injured players’ salary for cap protection. When the original player isactivated from the disabled list, he will immediately return to the team’sroster. If the original player is stilldisabled at seasons’ end, he will be returned to the roster after the last gameof the season. When the original playerreturns to the roster, the replacement player may be retained through a dropmove. If he is not retained, he goesthrough waivers. If a player isreplaced, he must stay off the roster until he is activated by his major leagueteam. A player suspended more than 10games or has not played can be replaced under these rules but only after 10games have passed. If a player suffersan injury to the extent that he will not play for the remainder of the seasonafter September 1 and is not placed on a disabled list, the commissioner canallow this player to be replaced by the disabled list rule.
    (1) Owners have up to 48 hours after an injured player hasbeen activated and played in a game to remove them from the DL. If an owner hasnot done, so the commissioner can drop that player from the owner's roster.
    1) Players who begin the season with no major league teammaybe drafted. However they cannot be placed on the DL and replaced with a FA.The player will need to remain on your roster for the salary drafted. Rookieswill have to start the season on the 40 man roster to be able to follow therule stated in the first sentence for Disabled List. If there is a question ona player's eligibility it will be determined at the draft.
    D. Trades
    Two teams may trade any players. The player’s salaries andcontract status remain the same. Afterthe trade, each team must have their 23 man roster at proper positions. Trades may not involve money or players to benamed later. The commissioner can voidany trade if it seems like collusion. Trades may be made by any teams up to July 31 and between teams that arewithin two places in the current standings from August 1 to August 16. At the season’s end, teams may trade up todraft day. This trades will be made offline and not recorded on the site as atrade. They do not have to stay within asalary cap or maintain positions during the off-season.

    (1) If a trade involves players from dissimilar positions (pitcherfor outfielder), each team then must do a drop move (B above) to obtain theproper roster.
    (2) If a trade involves more players to one team than theother (example: 3 for 2), the team that obtains the extra players must dropplayers and the team that loses the fewer players must add players so thattheir rosters are maintained.
    6. All owners mustdeclare their winter roster by 11:59pm on February 28, 2019. This roster will consist of either players onthe roster at seasons’ end or traded players. It will consist of type B players. Type B players were type A players in 2018 and will be saved for 2019. Their salary is the same as 2018. Type Cplayers were type B players in 2018 and put on contract. Their salary is their 2017 salary plus $5 timesthe number of years under contract. Oncethe contract expires, they return to the player pool along with all the otherplayers not on winter rosters. Playersmay be dropped from the spring roster up to draft day. No more than three players may be dropped bydraft day. Final day and time to drop players will be 9pm the day before thedraft. Any additional drop of a player over the three player limit will resultin a $10 fine to the owner for each player dropped. Players who are droppedafter the 9pm deadline will not be allowed and will remain on team roster.
    AMMENDMENT-2017 - Beginning in 2017 owners will be allowedto keep up to 15 players at the declaration day. By draft day, the roster willneed to be down to 12, if using the 3-free add/drops then any remaining moveswill cost $10. If an owner drops their roster to 12 on winter roster cut down,they will have the ability to still drop 3-players for free.
    AMMENDMENT-2018 – When the league is seeking to replacemultiple owners, the new team owners will conduct a dispersal draft ofavailable players on open teams only. Timing of this email/text draft willoccur as close to or prior to winter roster deadline. Each team will be allowedto draft up to and no more than 15 players for their new teams. After draft hasconcluded, teams must adhere to winter roster and pre-draft rules for rostermaintenance.
    7. Official rulescontinue from season to season unless a change is made. Any owner can submit a proposed rules changeto the commissioner prior to draft day. The commissioner will lead a discussion and take a vote on allproposals. The rule change will beadopted by majority vote and takes effect that season. If an emergency situation arises thatrequires a possible rules change during a season, the commissioner will pollthe owners and effect the change only if every owner agrees.
    8. If an ownerdisagrees with a commissioner’s decision, he may appeal. The appeal will be upheld or disallowed by amajority of three owners selected at random that are not affected by thedecision.
    9. Commissioner hasdecided to purchase a league plaque with each season’s winner starting in 2006.League fees and transaction money will pay for adding the previous year’swinner to the plaque. If CBS does not provide a trophy, a league trophy willalso be purchased using the league fees.


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        Still have 2-openings


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          I have included the available roster for this league. New owner will be able to keep a max of 12 players. The salaries and contracts are still at 2018 values. Minor league players salaries and contracts do not increase until they become active. If you are interested, review the constitution and contact
          directly ( or 607-345-9334 (text or call), or 607.591.1493

          Pos Players Salary Contract

          C J.T. Realmuto 3 A
          1B C. Bellinger 5 B
          2B Y. Moncada 15 CC
          MI A. Diaz 10 A
          3B M. Andujar 5 A
          SS A. Rosario 6 A
          CI A. Bregman 20 CC
          OF K. Calhoun 1 A
          OF M. Haniger 10 A
          OF M. Ozuna 2 B
          OF K. Schwarber 10 A
          U B. Belt 2 A
          U J. Pederson 10 A

          SS B. Bichette 5 A
          OF L. Robert 5 A

          P M. Bumgarner 14 A
          P J. Flaherty 10 A
          P J. Leclerc 10 A
          P A. Nola 11 CC
          P R. Ray 1 B
          P D. Rodriguez 10 A
          P B. Snell 1 B
          P Z. Wheeler 10 A

          Active Salary 176