Standard 5x5 NL only, weekly transactions, 13 teams. Generally standard setup. 14 hitters, 9 pitchers, 17 reserves.
$260 to auction the 23 actives, then straight draft (non-serpentine) to fill out the reserves.
$100 entry fee; winnings paid at the following year's draft.

Feel free to Private Message me here (if you prefer) and/or post any questions in the thread below. thanks!

taking over the following team (keepers already submitted; need confirmation from the commissioner about Lorenzen).
"x" below indicates contract extensions that were submitted with the freezes.
C: Y. Molina $14
1b: B. Belt $22
SS: O. Arcia $5
3b: J. Lamb $10 (1x)
3b: M. Franco $12 (2x)
OF: H. Perez $2
OF: S. Piscotty $15 (1x)
OF: Y. Cespedes $38

P. J. Degrom: $18
P: J. Ross $7 (1x)
P: T. Anderson $3
P: M Lorenzen $2

M. Sierra
P Ervin