Hi all,

I'm WIll Bogossian, son of Former HQ Writer/analyst Michael Roy. I've been playing fantasy baseball over 15 years and I'm posting this on behalf of my most active league: The PBL (Phenom Baseball League). League is 6x6 Head-to-Head. We elected not to expand after we had to transition commissioners from the current one to myself as I have years of commishing experience. However, We likely have an opening in the replacement to the newest owner's team, who hasn't made his MiLB picks nor signed up for his Yahoo team.

The league happens to have no buy-in, but don't let that dissuade you. The league has more moves, trades, postings, than leagues I've been in where the pay-in was anywhere from 0 - $250 dollars buy-in. The owners present are involved in several pay-in leagues and are incredibly knowledgeable professionals.

League is run throughout the season/offseason on this proboards site, and we use the Yahoo! interface in-season.
Here is the complete rules breakdown which explains how everything works
http://phenombaseball.proboards.com/thread/2/rules (Sign up to view full rules or email me with more questions/interest)

You can email me at: Will bogossian @ gmail .com ( No spaces!). Major league team is very competitive with some nice bargains while Minor league is lower-mid level.

I check my PM's about 1/day as well. Enthusiastic, active, talkative managers are always preferred. The league is mostly 20-30 something young professionals with a ton of experience with MLB (and some MiLB) who are committed.

(Salaries are out of a $160 starting salary, with bonuses to 1st-3rd place).
The team has an extra (for 164 total) from:
+$3 from 2011 League Champion
+$1 from 2015 3rd Place

Major League Roster
C - Derek Norris - $2.75/1 years
C - Mike Zunino - $1.25/2 years
1B - Anthony Rizzo - $3.5/? years (up to 4)
3B/RF - Miguel Sano - $3.5/3 years
3B - Jung Ho Kang - $3.5/2 years
SS - Tim Anderson - $1/R Contract

LF - Michael Brantley - $2.25/1 years
CF - A.J. Pollock - $3.75/2 years
CF - Billy Hamilton - $2/2 years
RF - Jose Bautista - $24.75/1 years
1B/LF/CF/RF - Gerardo Parra - $1.75/1 years

SP - Michael Pineda - $7.5/3 years
SP - Dylan Bundy - $3.5/1 years
SP - Rick Porcello - $2/1 years
SP - Erasmo Ramirez - $1.75/2 years
SP - A.J. Cole - $1.5/? years
RP - Craig Kimbrel - $7.5/2 years

Minor League Roster
Dominic Smith - $2
Cornelius Randolph - $2
Clint Coulter - $1
Jacob May - $1
Eloy Jimenez - $1
Michael Gettys - $1
Tyrone Taylor - $1
Justin O'Conner - $1
Lucius Fox - $1
Wander Javier - $1

Grant Holmes - $2
Trey Ball - $1
Lewis Thorpe - $1
Ian Clarkin - $1
Luiz Gohara - $1

Team also has 7 Minor league picks! (2 more than each team is given due to trades).

Read more: http://phenombaseball.proboards.com/...#ixzz4YDSJqt51