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4x4 12 team AL Roti seeks owner Stamford CT

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  • 4x4 12 team AL Roti seeks owner Stamford CT

    The Stamford (Connecticut) Rotisserie League is seeking an owner for one of its 12 franchises.

    The SRL began as the American Dreams league in 1981, an AL version of the original NL only Rotisserie League. That split over how to handle the 1981 player strike interruption, with the Founding Fathers siding with the franchises that began play as the Junior League in 1982. Owners in that league included Glen Waggoner, Steve Wulf, Dick and Jamie Krinsley, and F. X. Flinn. In 1988 the Junior League divided into 3 successor leagues, as the founding fathers dropped out and the owners found themselves living in different parts of the NY area. Krinsley and Flinn deployed the SRL.

    In the 30 for 30 special "Silly Little Game" the SRL auction and YooHoo ceremony are shown during the opening sequence. Flinn is the one being doused in YooHoo as the title rises. The league plays for a trophy that is topped with a ball signed by the Founding Fathers (and cash, of course).

    Over the years, Jamie Krinsley and F. X. Flinn experimented with some of the rules, most notably, the SRL does not employ a FAAB but instead has a market mechanism that drives players to full value rapidly and mimics the arbitration process in MLB. Aside from that wrinkle, it is a very traditional Roti league. Buy in for the season is $200 plus $65 stat fees (CBS Sports commissioner service) per franchise. You must commit to being present in person for the auction, which typically is the first Sunday following the first Wednesday of the baseball season, at 8:30 am in the library of the Stamford Hospital. A number of physicians and lawyers play in the league, but also a few IT guys and a couple of Wall Streeters. Several are retired.

    If you are interested, please contact me:

    F. X. Flinn
    m:802-369-0069 |
    F. X. Flinn