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Openings in NL-only and AL-only online rotisserie leagues

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  • Openings in NL-only and AL-only online rotisserie leagues

    Monsters of the NL News and One League Too Many are loosely-affiliated online keeper leagues, although there are slight rules differences between the two. (For the most part, the rules in both are based on the Book rules.) Monsters goes back to the late eighties, I believe, and OLTM is entering its twelfth or so year. Monsters is NL-only and OLTM is AL-only. Both are 5x5 and conduct their auctions in auction rooms. There are no fees for transactions beyond the initial membership buy-in. These are low-stakes leagues, so you aren't going to be out much if you want to try out a strategy that you'd be reluctant to use in a league that called for payment of serious money.

    These are real rotisserie keeper leagues. We don't "stream" pitchers, set our lineups for the week, or keep score with wins versus losses against weekly opponents. Owners who are not going to be in the money sometimes decide to play for next year, which, in a keeper league, is as valid a strategy as playing for this year. While we probably don't have more trades than any similar leagues (and fewer than in some leagues in which i have participated), there is active trading, sometimes more in a given year and sometimes less. There are trade caps intended to dissuade "worst case" trades, but they don't discourage most trades, so there is some dumping. I point out these things in advance because we have had some owners not enjoy the traditional rotisserie format after competing in shallow redraft leagues or who were offended when their competitors traded for help in present-value-for-futures trades.

    If, on the other hand, you know and enjoy traditional rotisserie leagues, you shouldn't find anything too surprising in these leagues. The only thing that's a bit quirky about them is that we use a transactions system that operates over two days each week rather than just one. On Mondays, we announce successful waiver claims and FAABs. On Tuesdays, we allow owners who were unable to complete a Monday transaction to pick from the remaining free agents for any natural roster openings that remain after the Monday transactions. (The rationale is that, with weekly transactions just on Monday, an owner whose FAABs and waivers all were unsuccessful might find himself or herself without an active player in an open spot for a full week. The Tuesday FA claims opportunity lets the owner see how he or she does on Monday before filling in on Tuesday if necessary. It's not complicated and, I promise, you'd get the hang of it quickly.)

    Monsters needs to replace one owner if we are to stay at twelve. The fee in Monsters is $50 plus your pro-rata share of the service, which was about $9 last year. The auction usually occurs on the Sunday of "traditional" draft weekend, i.e., the first full weekend after Opening Day.

    OLTM also needs to replace an owner. The fees are peanuts, i.e., $25 plus the pro-rata apportionment of's charges. The auction date "officially" has been the Saturday or Sunday of Opening Day weekend, but, most years, we've actually conducted it on a midweek evening (expanding to two nights if necessary). Subject to confirmation at our winter meeting in February, I expect that we will draft on a weeknight during the first week of the season. The likely start time is 8 pm Eastern, 5 pm Pacific.

    We have some HQ guys in each league. They tend to do well.

    If you're interested, please private message me or email me at Thanks for your attention.

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    It appears that I have takers where there proved to be actual openings. I might reach out here again if anyone drops out between now and freeze day, but we should be good for now.

    In the meantime and in the best spirit of bait-and-switch, I might as well mention that my two local Bay Area-based 5x5 keeper leagues have openings. These leagues go back to the early 1980's. At present, they are "no fee, no payout" and we play just for bragging rights. (You would be welcome to contribute towards the $100 per league fees at, but most owners don't.)

    Like Monsters and OLTM, these are affiliated AL-only and NL-only leagues. We have a live auction in Walnut Creek, CA, the first Saturday after the season starts, but several of our owners live outside the Bay Area and attend via conference call. One of our owners sets up the call and there is no charge to use the line.

    If you think you might be interested in either the AL-only, NL-only, or both leagues, please do let me know at the email address set out above or by PM on this board. These leagues are low turnover, but we lost one owner with a team in each league, so we do have at least one opening in each league and there is a second AL opening as well. The rules are very similar to those in Monsters and OLTM as I had a hand in crafting the rules for all the leagues. If you want to know more about these leagues please ping me.


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      OLTM, the online AL-only league, has an opening, it turns out. If you are interested in an AL-only low stakes league, this might be fun for you.

      The local leagues in the San Francisco Bay Area each still have an opening. These are just bragging rights leagues, but it's a good group of guys who are knowledgeable and experienced.