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25 Year OLD Shoeless Joe League (SJL) Scoresheet league- Team Opening

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  • 25 Year OLD Shoeless Joe League (SJL) Scoresheet league- Team Opening

    Dear all-

    We have an immediate opening for an owner who likes to stay active with their team ALL year round. The commissioner for this league is exceptional with his overall organization and dedication to our hobby.

    Details here:

    * 25 years old, the last 15 with Scoresheet

    * 16 teams

    * Uses both leagues, but with a restricted universe of players, about 65 percent of all ML players. (Players enter the SJL universe through a March entry draft. They come from an ever-changing but limited number of ML teams and must be either rookies or minor leaguers. After the window closes, some players will never be in SJL.)

    * 60-man rosters, often 35 ML and 25 minor leaguers.

    * Works with a salary cap. Salaries are based on ML salaries for first 6 to 11 years and then through on-line interactive bidding after that.

    * Owners stretch from New York to California with a range of professions and life experiences.

    Team 4, the Florida Panthers is available. Roughly a .500 team in 2016, but enough stars that it could recover quickly.

    If you have at least three years of fantasy experience and are willing to put in the time to get ready for the January free agent auction, to prepare for the March entry draft, etc, take a wander through the SJL website at, including reading the constitution.

    If you're still interested, email me at We hope to have a new owner in place as soon as possible. - Dave Alden