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Opening in 5x5 NL only keeper league

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  • Opening in 5x5 NL only keeper league

    We have an opening in a 10 team NL only keeper league auction league $260 per team. It's entering its 21 year and has a solid group of owners who are engaged from start to finish. The fees are $800 to play with a $50 chase bet for each team you finish ahead of or behind. The incoming team has a choice of taking the team that was vacated, it's in the top third going into the auction or participating in an expansion draft. Each team is allowed to retain 9 players. One caveat is a $300 in season salary cap that was put in place to put a governor on large dump deals. We draft in person in Southern California but its an online function through TQ Stats. There are several out of area teams that participate through the on-line function. If interested, I'll give you access to the website showing the rosters of all teams and the league constitution.

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    Hey do you still have an opening? If so, I'd like to learn more.



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      We do. You can get to the info by accessing the website. It's ID =; password = goose56. My email is if you need to reach me. The open is roster is named exiting team roster.


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        Thanks...Email sent.