I am not the commish, but we do need a few more managers. the league is a bit complex, and basically, you would need to b e familiar with excel to really be involved. while you can play h2h vs your opponent, you are not required to play any games, they will be computer played. we are using version 11, yr 2016 for this year. Unless, someone actually requests h2h play, which I really enjoy, most of my time is being the GM. We have pretty strick position play rules, but they are also flexibile in some ways. You can sign players for Long Term Contacts, you have salary restrictions, etc.

My experience with the managers in the league, is that they are great fun and love to trade, if it looks fair to them.
I have never seen a trade vetoed. But if you get a crappy team...you can always trade away some excess players and build a dynasty over time. There are a few teams to pick from, and in my first year, I picked a team, got the first draft pick and went to the World Series....finished second. it is really a lot of fun. No money. If interested let me know by pm, and I will send you name to the commish and they will accomodate you.

The draft starts somewhere after Christmas. Usually a 15 round draft done on skype. The season begins in January, and ends aboug April....so nice fun for winter play.


good luck where every you plays...be safe over the holidays.