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Deep, Intensive, Lifetime, real-GM league...

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  • Deep, Intensive, Lifetime, real-GM league...


    We have been running this league for 11 years now and what we are looking for are those who would call themselves among the "top 5% of all fantasy baseball players." (No need to be modest here.) The concept is a 365-day-a-year fantasy baseball league. You want to protect 5 guys from the Rule 5 draft on Thanksgiving? You get to do it. You want to make a blockbuster trade on Christmas? You get to do it. You want to draft the kid who went to your high school on August 1st? You can.

    Teams: 28
    Pool: AL + NL
    Rosters: 40-man, 25 active
    Minors: 270 max (per team!!!)
    Scoring: 7x7 H2H weekly matchups
    Provider: Fantrax
    Forum: InvisionFree
    Rosters: Microsoft Excel
    Contracts: MLB based salaries
    Communication: Google Hangouts
    Dues: $20

    Draft 1: January (International Minor League Free Agents)
    Draft 2: August (College /High School Amateurs)
    Draft 3: December (Rule 5)

    We are looking for people who will be into this league for the long haul. It is a great opportunity to take over a roster and put your stamp on it for the long haul and build a contender for the long haul. Are you a Theo Epstein? Billy Beane? More of a Steinbrenner type? We will have all kinds of strategies.

    The rules are different. We have written and rewritten our rules over the past 11 years; they are based on actual MLB rules for transactions. So you'll have option years, extensions, salary arbitration, qualifying offers, draft pick compensation, competitive balance rounds, revocable waivers, trade waivers, designation for assignment, luxury tax, free agent bidding, a restricted list, 15- and 60-day disabled lists. Fun, intriguing "meat" for fantasy baseball enthusiasts to chew on year-round.

    So if you want a year-round, day-in, day-out fantasy baseball experience, e-mail me at, let me know a little bit about you and your interest level, and we can get started!

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    Hi! Are you looking for replacement owners or is this league just starting? How many owner slots are open?