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Two available teams in contract league

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  • Two available teams in contract league

    Teams available are: Yankees and Pirates. Below are the league rules.

    Link to Proboards is:

    Register and then check us out.


    Basic Requirements:
    1. STAY ACTIVE on ProBoards and do lots of talking while respecting each other.

    2. RESPECT the decisions of the League Office.

    3. MAINTAIN up-to-date team pages on ProBoards.

    4. HAVE FUN! Isn't that what this is supposed to be about? Remember it is only a game.


    The team names will remain the actual name of the real-life MLB team you choose. For example, the Tampa Bay Rays cannot be the Tampa Dolphins or the Florida D-Rays.

    Your ProBoards profile name should also show your team name. For example, the Philles GM should say: Phillies GM (Roger).


    A. Rosters
    Rosters will consist of a minimum of 40 players and a maximum of 50 players. These limits must be met at all times during each season and GMs have a window of 72 hours to fix any issues that may arise.

    On ProBoards, you should keep track of all 50 of the players on your team. It is your responsibility to keep things up-to-date on ProBoards.

    Your ProBoards team page should consist of the following information on either one page or separate pages:
    1. complete roster of players (major leaguers, minor leaguers, dropped players, draft picks)
    2. financial situation (salary cap used, penalties, money traded or acquired, remaining salary cap, tag situation)
    3. individual player contract situation (type of contract, yearly breakdown, AAS amounts)
    4. list of transactions (trades, FA signings, player drops)

    Failure to maintain either a legal roster of players or an accurate ProBoards team page and roster will result in penalties such as, but not limited to, lose of bidding rights, loss of trade privileges, loss of draft picks, loss of cap money, loss of stats, loss of player with a cap penalty, etc. The LO will make the final determination in any penalties that need to be assessed.

    Failure to meet the 40 player roster minimums by the start of each season will result in a $500k cap penalty per roster spot below 40 that will remain for that entire season.

    Players will be added and dropped from your FanTrax roster by the LO following any transactions.

    B. FanTrax Active Roster
    You will start 20 players on FanTrax with the following breakdown:

    1 - Catcher
    2 - CI (1B/3B)
    2 - MI (2B/SS)
    3 - OF
    2 - Utility (any offensive player)

    10 - Pitchers (any SP or RP)

    Failure to maintain either a legal active lineup on FanTrax will result in penalties such as, but not limited to, lose of bidding rights, loss of trade privileges, loss of draft picks, loss of cap money, loss of stats, loss of player with a cap penalty, etc. The LO will make the final determination in any penalties that need to be assessed. This includes any team determined to be "tanking" the season to improve their draft position. This will not be tolerated and penalties will be assessed.

    C. Scoring
    Full Count utilized 6x6 roto scoring with the following categories:

    Batting - R, HR, RBI, SB, BA, OPS

    Pitching - W, S, Holds, Ks, ERA, WHIP

    D. Salary Cap
    The initial 2007 salary cap for each franchise will be $120 million.

    2014 salary cap is 150.0m with NO more increases in the foreseeable future.

    All teams must adhere to the salary cap for each current season and any subsequent seasons as well. As with rosters, GMs have a window of 72 hours to fix any issues.

    COTS will be used to obtain real-life salaries to be used in this league -


    A. Contract Info
    There are three types of contract designations used in Full Count:
    • Real Life Contracts or RLC
    • Full Count Contracts or FCC
    • Prospect Player Contracts or PPC

    The maximum number of years to be used for free agent contracts is 7 years.

    For real-life contracts (RLC), we will not use any contract options, signing bonuses, or opt-out clauses.

    $500,000 ($500k) will be the league's minimum salary for players acquired through free agency.

    B. Prospect Player Prospects
    All drafted prospects will cost $400,000 ($400k) and be designated $400k PPC players. All drafted prospects can be kept at the prospect minimum ($400k) for 3 years once they have achieved major league service time as described below. A player who qualifies for prospect status has his three year status begin to take effect that year. For example:

    Trevor Crowe gets called up and plays in 50 games this year, he automatically becomes a prospect with his prospect status beginning in 2007, thus he will be protected as a prospect for 2008 and 2009.

    Prospect status is achieved by a positional player actually playing in 50 or more games, and for a P, they achieve prospect status by pitching 40 innings or more in a career.

    Players who play in multiple years , but in any one year does not achieve prospect status will still be considered minor league eligible until he reaches 40 innings career wise. For example:

    George Sherill
    2004 13.2 IP
    2005 19.0 IP
    2006 10.0 IP

    He achieves prospect status as of 2006, so he is protected for 2007 and 2008 only as a prospect.

    C. Player Tags
    Every year each Full Count franchise will be able to keep players who are going to become free agents by either franchising them with their real-life contract or restricting them through the free agency process. To do this, each Full Count franchise is given the following types of player tags to be used each season:
    • 1 Franchise Tag
    • 2 Restricted Tags
    • 2 Prospect Tags

    Each individual owner is responsible to keep track of their current year's and the following year's tag situation somewhere on their team pages to help the LO and other owners keep track of these.

    1. Franchise Tags
    Designating a pending free agent with a Franchise Tag allows you to keep that player at their real-life contract (RLC) on your Full Count team.

    If a Franchise tag is placed on one of your UFAs that does not already have a long-term contract in place in real-life, then the actual MLB minimum salary for that coming season will be used. For 2016, the MLB League minimum is $507.5k. This will be the contract for your tagged player if a contract for the upcoming season is not posted on the COTS website.

    That being said, if that player's real-life contract for the previous season was higher then the league minimum, then Full Count will use what was posted on COTS as their last salary until their new contract is posted. COTS will be monitored by the LO and by individual GMs with players in this situation. If an updated salary is posted a GM will need to update their team's roster and financial information accordingly.

    Full Count also does not recognize a real-life long-term extension for a franchise-tagged player that was completed after the tagging deadline has passed.

    Also, the LO has decided to treat player "opt outs" like regular team or player options. In the franchising of a player whose contract contains player opt outs, any years beyond the opt out year will not be used.

    2. Restricted Tags
    Designating a pending free agent with a Restricted Tag allows you to let the designated player go to normal free agency, but as a Restricted Free Agent (RFA). The winning bids on all RFAs can then be matched by the restricting owner so that they can keep the player if they choose. If the restricting owner chooses not to match the winning bid within 72 hours, then that RFA is awarded to the team with the winning bid. If no owners bid on a RFA, then the restricting team is awarded the player at his RLC for that current season. A restricting owner may bid on his own Restricted Free Agent.

    Beginning in 2013, if the restricting owner chooses to match the winning bid, they will receive a 15% "Hometown Discount" off of the AAS of the winning bid. They may also choose to restructure the annual salaries of the winning bid within normal bidding guidelines. The restructured salaries cannot be less than the winning AAS with the discount not can they change the length of the contract.

    Once winning RFA bids are posted, there can be no trading of a RFA until the highest bid is either matched or declined by the original owner. Once the winning bid is posted, only that owner who won has the rights to that player. The original owner does not have the rights to trade the RFA to another team until they either match or decline the highest bid, thus giving the rights back to the original owner, who may then apply the 15% Home Town Discount and announce the restructured contract at that time. After this has been done, the original owner may trade an RFA.

    Starting in 2015, teams who decide not to match their restricted free agent(s) bids will receive supplemental draft pick compensation based on the AAS of the winning RFA bid. No team will lose a draft pick for signing a RFA and a team only gains a compensation pick if they do not match the RFA bid. If the team matches the bid and then trades their matched RFA player, they will not get any compensation pick. Compensation is as follows:

    AAS > $3M but less than $6M - after 5th round comp pick
    AAS > $6M but less than $9M - after 4th round comp pick
    AAS > $9M but less than $12M - after 3rd round comp pick
    AAS > $12M but less than $15M - after 2nd round comp pick
    AAS > $15M - after 1st round comp pick

    3. Prospect Tags
    You will have the ability annually to "tag" and further protect two (2) players who lose their prospect status following the current season. Either or both tags can be one or two years. No prospects that are coming off a free agent contract (FCC), only ones with a $400k PPC contract or AAS contract, can be protected. These tags carry a set salary for the protected player as follows:
    • One year tag = $3m for one year
    • Two year tag = $3m for the 1st year and 5m for the 2nd year

    For a prospect with an AAS of 3.0m or less, the above rules remain true:
    • One year tag = 3.0m for one year
    • Two year tag = 3.0m in year 4 and then 5.0m in year 5.

    For a prospect with an AAS greater than 3.0m:
    • One year tag = maintain the original AAS
    • Two year tag = year 4 maintains the original AAS, then year 5 the salary would be the original AAS plus 2.0m.

    A player tagged for 1 year cannot have a prospect tag applied the following year, but can be franchised, restricted or dropped to free agency.

    These tags cannot be traded. Unused tags from one season can be saved and used the following year only, up to a max of 4 per year. Owners will declare when carrying over their unused tags from year to year or lose them.

    Prospects to be tagged must be declared by posting them to the appropriately designated board (in January along with the Franchise and Restricted tags), and you must select a 1 year or a 2 year tag when posting them.

    D. Prospect Draft
    Starting in 2010, we will still get to choose one player from your real-life team's draft, but then all of the rest of the real-life draft picks will be entered into a 3 round Full Count Draft to take place after the completion of the season (most likely in November or December).

    Beginning after the 2013 season, Full Count will change to a 5 round minor league draft where all minor league free agents who have not met prospect status will now be eligible for drafting. This will include players from the current season's real-life MLB Draft who have signed with their respective teams. Any minor league free agents released to free agency after the draft has begun are not eligible to be drafted.

    International free agent signees will be eligible for the draft as long as they are age 25 and under by the start of the draft and have officially signed with a major league team by the start of that year's draft. Those over 25 or who are signed after the draft begins will go into the regular free agent pool.

    All of these drafted players will have $400k PPC salaries.

    All of these draft picks can be traded up to a year in advance and both the owners and the LO will keep track of them the same as with traded cash and tags. If picks are traded from one team to another one, then the owners need to specify who the original owner of the picks were. (i.e. Giants post-2013 2nd rounder (Nationals).)

    Each individual owner is responsible to keep track of their current year's and the following year's draft picks somewhere on their team pages to help the LO and the owners keep track of these. Something like this including the dates of trades:

    Giants Post-2013 Draft Picks:
    #1 Giants - Traded to Nationals (03/06/13)
    #2 Giants - Traded to Cubs (01/06/13)
    #2 D-Backs - Received from D-Backs (12/26/12)
    #2 Rangers - Received from Nationals (03/06/13)
    #3 Giants -
    #4 Giants -
    #5 Giants - Traded to Cubs (04/14/13)

    For reference, the current season's draft picks will be referred to by that season's year or as post-that season's year (i.e. 2013 or post-2013). The following season's draft picks will be referred to by the following season's year or as post-that season's year (i.e. 2014 or post-2014).

    August 31st of each year will be the deadline to claim your team's draft pick.

    Any tie in the overall standings will be broken based on head-to-head comparison of all 12 categories. The team who wins more categories gets the higher place in the standings and therefore the lower draft slor. If there is still a tie, a stat comparison will be made using the HR and then K categories.


    A. Basic Bidding Process
    Full Count has adopted a blind bidding system AT ALL TIMES. You will have to post who you are bidding on, however, you will NOT have to post intent.

    Every week bids will be sent to the "Full Count Front Office " account via PM and the winners will be posted under the section titled "FA Winning Bids" for the appropriate season.

    • Mondays at 6AM PST is when posting of the names and bidding can began each week.
    • Wednesdays at 12 NOON PST is when no more posting can occur....that is a 54 hour window to post names.
    • Thursdays at 12 NOON PST is when submitting bids to the pm account will end each week....that is a 78 hour window to submit excuses.

    Posting of the winning bid will be posted later on that Thursday or by Friday at the latest (things do come up sometimes, so be patient with the LO in these cases).

    B. Making FA Bids
    Please send in all of your bids to the "Full Count Front Office " account in the following format:

    The Yankees bid on Babe Ruth.

    4 years



    The winning bid is the bid with the highest AAS (average annual salary).

    C. Making FA Bids on Prospects
    Beginning in 2013, all free agent minor league prospects who have not yet achieved major league service requirements, will now be bid on solely using AAS bidding using the normal league minimum salary of $500k as a base. Instead of offering a player a contract over a fixed number of years at varying salaries each year, GMs will now submit only an AAS when bidding on a prospect. These AAS contracts for prospects will work the same as $400k PPC contracts for drafted players.

    Please send in all of these bids to the "Full Count Front Office " in the following format:

    The Yankees bid on Ty Cobb.
    aas- 500k PPC

    The highest bid will entitle the winner to protecting that player at that price on annually renewable contracts for the duration of his protected status - 3 full years beginning the year he eclipses Full Count's major league service requirements of 50 or more games played or 40 or more career IP.

    For players close to Full Count's major league service requirements or 50 or more games played or 40 or more career IP, the type of bidding (AAS or yearly breakdown) will be based on the time of the player's posting in the free agency thread. This means that if a player were to surpass those requirements AFTER they were posted, they would still only require AAS bidding for that week's free agent bidding.

    D.International Free Agents

    Any international free agent age 25 or younger on Opening Day of the upcoming or current season will only require an AAS bid as with any other prospect not meeting minimums.

    Any international free agent over the age of 25 on Opening Day of the upcoming or current season will require a regular free agent bid with yearly breakdown.

    E. Tiebreakers
    If a tie occurs, the bid with the least amount of years wins.

    In the event of a second tie, the bid that was sent in first will be declared the winner.

    F. Contracts Lengths
    • Any contract with an AAS under 17.0m can be any number of years.
    • Any contract with an AAS from 17.1m to 25.0m must be at least a minimum of a 2 year contract (of course, it can be more).
    • Any contract with an AAS over 25.1m must be at least a minimum of a 3 year contract (or more).

    G. Older Players

    Full Count has decided that a player over 40 38 years old on April 1st of the new season can ONLY be signed to a ONE-YEAR CONTRACT. This includes any multi-year or real-life contract for an older player cannot be for more than the 1 season beyond when that player turns 40 38 years old on April 1st of that season.

    H. Backloading Contracts - the $3m Rule

    When backloading a contract, that contract cannot be $3.0m more or less than the AAS at any point of the contract. Any contract cannot be $3.0m more than the AAS on the back end of a contract.

    For example, Babe Ruth is signed to a 3 year contract with an AAS of $15.0m.

    The contract can only be as follows:

    07- 12.0m
    08- 15.0m
    09- 18.0m ---> at no point of the contract on the back end (back-end only) can it be more than $3.0m in excess of the AAS.

    I. Frontloading of Contracts

    The above contract example can also be changed to 200% of the AAS, meaning you can be double the AAS if you frontload the contract, with only half on the back end. For example:

    07- 30.0m ---> Double the 15.0m AAS
    08- 7.5m
    09- 7.5m ---> Half of the 15.0m AAS

    J. Free Agency Deadline

    This league will have a free agency deadline of August 31 at 11:59 p.m. PST of each year. This means you cannot sign a free agent from September 1 at midnight until the off-season free agency begins in January. This will encourage trading into the last month of the season.


    A. Player Drops
    You can drop any player to free agency, however you will be responsible for half of the players remaining salary in every year of his contract.

    You CANNOT rebid on a free agent that you have dropped for a period of 30 days. If you do sign him after 30 days, he will still be paid the higher of the two contracts

    When the player gets a new contract, you are still responsible unless the new contract exceeds the old contract. For example, you release Mark McGwire, who had a contract of 5.0m for 07 and 4.0 for 08 and another GM signs him to a one year contract for 3.0m for are responsible for half of the 2.0m difference between the old and new contract for 07 and owe only half of the 4.0 for 08.

    At no time will a GM be allowed a player drop(s) making their roster illegal (i.e. taking your roster below 40 player minimum).

    B. Dropped Player Contract Buyouts
    Beginning in 2013, GMs may now elect to buyout an entire players contract to be paid during the current season. Declaration of the buyout MUST be done at the time of the drop and only for drops made on or before the in-season free agent deadline of August 31 at 11:59 p.m. PST.

    C. Injuries

    This factor will have no barring on anything, you will still have to pay half of the salary if you choose to drop an injured player.

    D. Death

    This is the only exception for NOT having to pay the remaining salary when dropping a player.

    E. Free Prospect Drops

    At the end of the season you may drop as many as two $400k PPC prospects without having to pay their salaries. This does not apply to prospects signed via free agency. This process will happen by letting a commissioner know and posting the players to the Player Drops thread.


    A. Trade Review and Approval
    All trades completed in Full Count will be reviewed and approved or vetoed by the LO members on the Trade Review Board (TRB). All trades must be posted in the proper thread along with the owners' confirmations and brief explanations of why they are making the posted trade before the TRB will approve of any trade.

    B. Trading of Salary Cap
    Each team will be allowed to trade up to $9.0m $3.0m in a trade 3 times per year involving money from the present year only. After August 31, you will NOT be able to trade money until after January November 1[/font] of the new year. In other words, you can make 3 as many [/font]trades involving money and but only up to $3.0m each time, so you can trade up to or gain up to $9.0m over the span of the current year. Any salary cap trades made after November 1 will apply to the upcoming season's salary cap.

    C. Trading Deadline
    This league will have NO TRADING DEADLINE so you can trade year round.


    It is essential to the efficient and effective operation of the league that players won in free agent bidding be added to your rosters (ProBoards and FanTrax) in a timely matter.

    Since the league has experienced some constant and escalating lack of rostering, effectively immediately (April 2, 2010):

    Any player won in free agent bidding MUST be rostered by the winning GM on both ProBoards and FanTrax no later than noon PST of the Monday following the weekly posting of winning free agent bids. This generally provides GMs approximately 84 to 96 hours to update their team rosters.

    Failure to roster any players won in free agency in both ProBoards and FanTrax by the deadline will result in:

    1) Loss of the non-rostered player(s).

    2) A cap hit of 50% of the player's/players' salary each year of player's/players' contract.

    3) Loss of right to bid on the lost player(s) for the remainder of the off-season for off-season failures to roster or the next free agency period for regular season failures to roster. The "next free agent period" is the Monday-Thursday bidding period following the week in which the winning bid for the non-rostered player was awarded. Definitions of "off-season" and "regular season" should be rather obvious.

    4) If the non-rostered player(s) occurs after winning the player through free agency, that player will then be offered to the next highest bidder(s) in order until the player is claimed. If none of the next highest bidder(s) claim the player, he becomes a free agent.

    IF the GM fails to timely roster a player won in free agency due to being out of town from the time of the posting of the winning bids through the following Monday and had posted on the general board that he/she was to be OOT during that time period, then the Commissioner may extend the time to roster player(s) at his discretion. Emergencies causing the GM to miss the rostering deadline will be reviewed for leniency on a case-by-case basis by the hardass, no-nonsense segment of the LO.

    Rostering any player not listed by FanTrax is remedied by notifying a Commissioner, by the rostering deadline, that said player(s) is/are not listed by FanTrax and request that FanTrax add the player(s) to the player pool and allow you to roster them when they are added to the pool.

    Since we did not see it coming and someone had to take advantage of it...NO ONE ELSE will be able to do what Grid did this week. You will have a limit on how much money and the number of players you can go over in the off-season.

    A GM can go over by 10.0m and/or by 5 players.

    However, any amount or players you get over, you have to get back within normal roster and salary cap limits by the first day of the next season. As always, a GM has 72 hours to fix going over these extra-allotted overages during the off-season and anyone you waive will have cap penalties, etc.

    Failure to adhere to this by the start of the season will result in losing stats or draft picks for the following off-season.


    2015 league fees will be $15 and are due by Sunday, December 1, 2014.

    Preferred payment will be via PayPal to Larry at

    Mark payment as "personal" and "gift" to avoid fee assessments and identify your Full Count team to ensure proper credit for your payment.

    If unable to pay via Paypal please contact Larry (Reds).

    2016 League Payouts:
    TBD, but should be similar to 2015.

    2015 League Payouts:
    1st place = $175
    2nd place = $100
    3rd place = $60
    4th place = $25
    5th place = $15 (paid entry fee)
    6th place = $15 (paid entry fee)