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Two Teams for Sale in Head to Head Keeper League

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  • Two Teams for Sale in Head to Head Keeper League

    Baseball Keeper Leagues. Established online in 1999

    E-mail me at to reserve the team today or ask any questions you may have. Here is what is available

    These are pay leagues and start in February each year and runs throughout the season.

    We have only 2 Teams left in our leagues.

    Teams are made up of a 25 player roster, with a 3 Player Farm Roster, Teams have Fantasy Dollars which are used in free agency and for you to up your players salaries each year, Salary Cap for each team to manage and with minimum of 10 players from each team going to free agency each season. The fun always starts in February and runs into late August. Free agency, followed by the rookie free agent draft, followed by Farm Draft for those teams that have open spots, followed by a 20 Week Season, followed by playoffs top 6 teams ending with a 2 week championship final. there are no dead teams, leagues designed for active owners and setup to help out a team when an owner has to much going on in the real world. Review the integrity rules on the rules page.

    Here is the link our only league with teams for sale and available:

    Fantasy Baseball. All of our games are based on the stats from the profesionals. Own a franchise, draft your team, and compete against the world as you try to become a Fantasytime Sports champion.

    Triple Play (10 Team League) 2 teams for sale

    Team 1
    players include: Sabathia,C.C, Mauer,Joe, Gonzalez,Gio, Perez,Salvador, Gonzalez,Carlos, Walker,Neil. Harrison,Josh, Tomas,Yasmany , Hosmer,Eric, Bumgarner,Madison Gonzalez,Adrian, Norris,Derek Kinsler,Ian Puig,Yasiel Ramos,A.J. Papelbon,Jonathan Odorizzi,Jake Lackey,John Semien,Marcus Burns,Billy Cabrera,Asdrubal Cishek,Steve Bauer,Trevor Grilli, Jason Werth,Jayson
    Farm Players Mazara,Nomar Anderson,Tim Margot,Manuel

    has 34 FDs

    Team 2
    players include: Cano,Robinson, Pederson,Joc, Verlander,Justin, Castillo,Rusney, Duda,Lucas, Zimmerman,Ryan, Cobb,Alex, Dickerson,Corey , Pompey,Dalton , Keuchel,Dallas, Wright,Mike, Richards,Garrett Machado,Manny Crawford, BrandonMesoraco, DevinMcGee,JakeKemp, MattStoren,Drew Calhoun,Kole Hendricks,Kyle Hundley, Nick Kazmir,Scott Kendrick,Howie Hernandez,David Escobar,Alcides

    Farm Players Reed,A.J.Barreto,Franklin Williams,Nick

    has 26 FDs

    All other baseball leagues are sold out