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Mendoza Baseball: AL-Only League Teams available

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  • Mendoza Baseball: AL-Only League Teams available

    Now entering its 17th season, Mendoza Baseball combines a true-to-life franchise ownership model with a fantasy scoring system based on the most up-to-date sabermetric research.

    It features:

    * Unique scoring system that matches up well with advanced metrics such as VORP or WARP
    * Minor League draft
    * Reserve clause system with an arbitration simulator
    * e-Bay style free agent auction where you can sign veterans to multi-year contracts
    * A full-blown economic model where teams compete to earn profits as well as wins
    * Intelligent, dedicated owners that manage their franchises year-round

    This is a really unique and fun format that allows different styles of play. You can pour money into your payroll and be the Yankees of the league, or operate on a shoestring budget and try to optimize your share of profit. We have long-term contracts, reserve clause with arbitration, a minor league system (5 round draft each year), newly added defensive statistics, E-bay style auctions (which do not require specific draft time availability), and more.

    For more information, see the Mendoza Baseball guided tour. It don't look like much but we have everything.

    My AL-only league has 2 openings for the upcoming season. Check out the available teams for 2016. I'm in the Steve Balboni Memorial League.

    Contact me if interested. Thanks.