I'm looking to start a keeper/dynasty league and I need some owners.

15 Teams
Entry Fee: $75 plus CBS fees
Rosters: 14 hitters: C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, MI, CI, CF, OF, OF, OF, OF, UT, UT
9 pitchers: 5 SP, 2 RP, & 2 free choices
17 backups
30 minors (to start)

Categories: HR, RBI, OBP, SLG, SB, & 2B+3B

This is a roto league, not head-to-head.

Each team will keep 23 players (your starting lineups) and two wildcard keepers each year (any position). The remaining 15 players get thrown back into the pool for our draft. You can also keep all of your minor leaguers.

To start, we will have a 40 round draft for all major league players. After that has been concluded, there will be a 30 round minor league draft for players with less than 130 AB & 50 IP. These will both be slow drafts.

In future years, we will have a draft sometime in January or February to fill out our rosters and then a minor league draft in May.

If there are 15 teams, we will payout the top 4 spots.

If interested, you can send me a message or email me at maioranost@yahoo.com.

Thanks you.