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Live in St. Louis? Want an NL only 5x5 team?

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  • Live in St. Louis? Want an NL only 5x5 team?

    Long established local keeper league with a late drop out. Looking for one new owner available to attend the draft and interested in staying on long term. Whether you play golf before the draft with some of the guys would be up to you!

    Our league plays by pretty traditional "book" rules. For those that never read the "official" rotisserie baseball book, that means before the all star break you can only get rid of a player that is dl'ed, demoted, or dealt to the AL. Then FAAB which more guys are used to after that.

    We play for half stakes, collecting $300 up front, with charges for transactions and FAAB and whatnot that wind up averaging about $300-350 per team.

    Hosted at OnRoto, so stats cost is only about ten bucks a team.

    Available team finished 4th last year and has some pretty decent cheap keepers. Four starting IFs for $27, decent catcher, some youth in the OF. Maybe enough value there to hold Stanton too. Fernandez and a pair of closers anchor the staff and minor league pitching is terrific (Urias, Glasnow, Bradley). No looming powerhouse, but certainly a upper half squad, as is so often the case might easily win with some smart drafting and a couple good breaks.

    Draft is in person, in St. Louis, on April 3.

    I'd say this league is a low HQ penetration league. There will probably be eight or nine laptops at the draft, I'm guessing only two of them will be running RotoLab. A couple guys may be at the St. Louis First Pitch event.

    Please PM if interested, or if you'd rather, post email here and I will be in touch.
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    We just filled our other two spots and still need one more local player to fill the 12th spot.

    Fun league, and a pretty good team so no need to take a financial beating for 1-2 years while your prospects develop, like the Cubs and the Astros!