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$50 ESPN Keeper League

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  • $50 ESPN Keeper League if interested

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    Originally posted by GeoffC1966 View Post if interested

    If i get enough would do 14 or 16 teams and start new this year. Auction draft march 19 or 20th


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      League Constitution

      1: Mission Statement:
      To bring together a group of highly dedicated fantasy baseball fans that play for the
      Enjoyment of the game , and have the intentions of continuing year after year.

      2: Owner requirements:
      A: Playing for the enjoyment of the sport and not just because there is money to be won.
      B: Must be committed to checking their line-ups daily and make necessary adjustments.
      C: Must vote in all polls and participate in any league discussions.
      D: Must respond to other owners equerries regarding trades or other matters in a friendly manner.
      E: Absolutely Must respond to commissioners e-mails, text.etc regarding league business.
      F: Must enjoy having to make managerial decisions as to which players to start, or FA to pick up.

      3: League description
      A: 14 team ESPN with $50 fee B: Mixed League C: Head to Head / most categories
      D: 15 Keepers each year E:Auction Draft -Online F: 4 playoff teams

      4: Finances
      A: $50 entry paid through league safe due within 1 week after joining league, and within 1 st week
      Of fantasy start up on espn each year after.
      5: Payouts
      A: $75 to each playoff team B: Champions bonus= whets left after all other payouts
      C: Payouts to reward Good sportsmanship, Owners that make league more enjoyable and excel in managing their teams, and Re-ward long term members of the league, to be determined and voted on by league poll.
      6: Roster
      A: C ,1b, 2b, 3b, SS, LF,CF,RF --1 each UT--2 Batters: 10 starters
      B: SP--2 RP--5 Pitchers: 7 starters
      C: Bench 13 Total: 30
      D: DL-4
      7: Scoring
      Batters: HR, R, RBI, H, SB, K , AVG, Pitchers: QS, W, L, K, ERA, WHIP, SV+HD

      8: Acquisitions
      A: FA -limit 2 per match up 50 per season
      B: FA acquisition after draft and before start of season to fill empty roster spots do not count against season limit.
      9: Trades:
      A: Automatically executed unless veto by league vote- ( 10 votes to veto)
      B: Owners may appeal to commish. Who may take to an outside source such as TradeDebate for a vote, and then will make final decision.
      10: Keepers
      A: Each Team must keep 15
      B: Cost of each player will be determined by running a ESPN dollar value generator based on league settings.


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        Still need about 3 more to fill this League. if your interested