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East coast NL-only league (est. 1985) has tentative opening

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  • East coast NL-only league (est. 1985) has tentative opening

    I have a tentative opening in my home league and figured I'd try to acquire a quality owner to fill it, though as reigning league champion, I'm tempted to bring in a chump just to increase the pool.

    The league's epicenter is somewhere around Princeton, NJ. There are five owners in CT/NY, four in the Philly area, one on OH, one in VA, and two in Atlanta (numbers add up to more than 12 because some teams have co-owners). Drafts are usually held in New City, NY or Yardley, PA, though every five years we do a weekend of golf and drafting in Myrtle Beach. Our target date is the first Saturday after Opening Day, but that moves around with Easter, Passover, cello concerts (yesssss...), etc.

    This year's draft is Saturday, April 2 in New City.

    League particulars:
    -- 12-team, NL-only 4x4 (we've tried to go to 5x5, believe me). 15-keeper limit. Unlimited minor-league keepers, with each team having three (tradeable) picks a year. Tradeable FAAB ($100).
    -- Entry fee is $200. Additional fees are for the stats service (CBS, $12.50), $22 which goes into a "weekly winner" pot, plus $0-$150 in transaction fees (only fees are for reserving players in the minors, keeping minor leaguers, and buying out contracts).
    -- Pretty standard prize distribution: 50%/25%/15%/10%

    This is a great bunch of guys, and we need a strong owner. Among our ranks is 2 1/2 Ph.D.s, a Baseball HQ writer, and a member of the XFL. There's very little drama, lots of laughs, post-draft poker, and a very congenial atmosphere. We have 7-8 very solid owners, 1-2 decent owners, and 1 guy who is pretty sharp but is very emotion-driven, leading to some head-scratching moves. Ages range from 35-60, with most guys in their early-to-mid 50s.

    If you're interested or have questions, shoot me an email at
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