LOU PINIELLA LEAGUE, founded in 1988.


Hitters: (14) - 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, MI, CI, C, 5 OF, @ DH;
Pitchers: (11) - 5 Starters min./ 8 max. and 3 Relievers min./6 max.
Farm: (1) - Minor League hitter or pitcher.


Hitting (6) - Runs, HRs, RBI, Total Bases, Net SBs and BAvg.
Pitching (5) - Net Wins, Net Saves+Holds, Ks, ERA and WHIP.

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Non-snake Draft will be held on Sunday morning, March 20th; location will be either at an owner's home in Staten Island, NY or at my new condo home in Somerset, NJ. We prefer to see as many owners in-person, but you can draft by phone (everyone has unlimited usage on weekends, no?) My Deputy Commissioner lives in Las Vegas and another owner resides in Vermont. They fly in/drive down when they can, as we like to get everyone together in-person whenever possible, but if you can't make it, the cell does the trick.

Final draft order is based on reverse of previous season's final standings plus deals made during offseason trading period. Established/returning teams allowed 5 keepers. Expansion entrants awarded 5 "supplemental" picks to retain or trade for keepers during Offseason Trade Period in early February.

Prize payouts are for 1st through 4th (less than 12 teams) and 1st through 5th (13 teams-plus).
Owners are a great bunch of guys; six have been with LPL for 27+ seasons, two for 15 seasons, and two for 5 and 1 season respectively. No one is passive - we ALL love to wheel n' deal! NOT a cut-throat league! Winning a plaque is great, but $ payoffs are nice too.

Rotiss' experienced only, please. Information re all rules, one-time entry fee, etc. will be passed along if you are serious about hopping on board as an expansion owner - you are not inheriting a team! You join league new just like they do it in real life MLB. Success has to be earned, it won't be given to you.

Send e-mail to me at: rjm713@aol.com or leave a message on my cell at # 1-917-597-3973.