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Looking for NFBC Draft Champ Co-Manager

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  • Looking for NFBC Draft Champ Co-Manager

    Hi everyone,

    I've been participating in Draft Champion Style leagues outside of the NFBC for three seasons now and really enjoy the format.

    I'm looking to "step up" my game and play this format in the NFBC this year (if possible).

    The idea of tackling a 50 round draft (or even multiple) with another owner, along with the in-season management and entry fee is something I could see being beneficial for both sides.

    Obviously the ultimate goal is the overall prize, but the individual league prize setup for the $400.00 DC format seems like a good fit for a co-managed squad. Rather than paying $150.00 as a single owner - with an individual league prize of $1000, $375 & $125, each owner would only pony up an additioknal $50.00 and the league prize in this format is $1500, $1500, $1500. Two HQ brains together should have a decent chance at making a run for a top-3 league finish and hopefully more.

    Anyway, if a partnership is something that interests you, feel free to send me a PM and we can talk. Ideally I'd like to find someone who also has experience in this format and has time to talk players/strategy via email prior to the draft(s).

    My team: 10-Team AL-Only Keeper: 5x5 (OBP & K-BB)