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Opening in a St. Louis area league

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  • Opening in a St. Louis area league

    A long time owner is dropping from our St. Louis league. League is NL only, 5x5. We play by "classic" rules as laid down by the original roto books with very minimal modifications, for half stakes. Teams usually spend $350-400 with the contenders going higher with pricier FAAB and September expansions. We auction in person and pretty sure that in 2016 it will be April 3 which is a Sunday. Available team is OK, with some good returning hitters at decent prices including Votto, A. Gonzalez, CarGo, Marte, O. Herrera, Peraza, J. Pederson. Pitching is, uh, well, there is a dollar closer in S. Casilla. Farm systems max out at four guys and this team has Josh Bell and Robert Stephenson. If you're good at finding pitching you could have a strong team fast. If you are not you would be like the guy who is leaving! League is not super intense. For instance one owner was really happy to buy John Lackey at last year's auction, then realized he had been looking at the adjacent projection on his alphabetical list which happened to be for Kershaw. He finished last but it wasn't Lackey's fault.