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Need owner ASAP for well established league

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  • Need owner ASAP for well established league

    A 20 year old 5X5 12 team mixed league is looking for an owner. We are located in Central New York (Cortland) and while we'd love for you to be present at our draft it is not necessary. Here are some particulars:

    -$150 league fee
    -Keeper league (first year players are drafted at an "A" salary, 2nd year players keep that salary but are "B" players. After 2 years you can sign your player additional years at $5 per year so if you draft a player this year at $5, he would be $5 next year and then after that you could make him a "C" player for $10, a 'CC" player for $15, a "CCC" player for $20 and so on).
    -23 team roster (14 players, 9 pitchers - must have 1000 IP at end of year)
    -2 Minor league spots
    -Draft is Saturday April 4th
    -Open team has some intersting keeper choices (Chris Carter at $2A, Evan Gattis at $9A, Matt Carpenter $2B, Jean Segura $10B, Rajai Davis $1A, Alex Cobb $7B, Phil Hughes $10A, and Tanaka $14A.

    If interested please email me (, call or text me (607-345-9334), or PM me ASAP. I could fill you in with more detail. Again you do not have to be present at draft. We have had guys draft over the phone/Skype before and it has worked without a problem.

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    Bumping. I see there have been 104 views. Just wondering if there is any interest at all? Am I leaving something out? Is there anything I can provide? Please contact with any questions, etc.