Hi, my mates and I are looking for some owners to make a kick ass dynasty league. This league will be a little different than most dynasty leagues, but I think it has a lot of potential. I'll post some details below and if anyone is interested, please let me know! We'll be hosted on Fantrax.

The Losing Edge Fantasy Baseball

50 player max
25 Active
5 Reserve
20 Minor Leaguers
5 Injured Reserve (Don't count against 50 max)

6X6 Roto
Hitting = R, RBI, HR, SB, BB, 1B+2B+3B
Pitching = IP, QS, K, ER, SV, BRA (H+BB+HBP)

Annual auction draft
Free Agent Bidding

$1,000 salary cap ($100 equivalent real world $)
$500 luxury tax threshold (spending over $500 cost owner 150% in real $)
Drafted or Free Agent acquired players salary equal to winning bid amount
Contracts 100% Guaranteed (waiving of contracted players does not reduce cap hit)
Minimum salary is $1
Drafted or Free Agent acquired players are assigned a 3 year contract
Player salary remains the same each season until extended or waived
Owners have option to extend players after year 2 for up to 3 additional years
For each year extended, salary increases by $5
Players may only be extended once per contract

Prize Pool Fees = Annual Cap Spend/10
League service Fee = Between $5-$10
Other prizes (MVP, Cy Young, Best Hitting, Best Pitching, Most Efficient Use of Cap, etc. TBD)