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Looking for a Keeper/Dynasty League

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  • Looking for a Keeper/Dynasty League

    I'm looking for a large Keepr or Dynasty League to join.

    - I'd prefer 16-30 Teams, though would consider 15.
    - Rotisserie or Points (either ok)
    - 5x5, 6x6, or possibly another more creative scoring system
    - salaries or not (either ok)
    - affordable entry fee or free

    If you've got an opening or are creating a league, let me know.


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    I will be starting a league shortly, there is a facebook page for it (the page was not started by me) Effectively Wild Dynasty League. We are just talking about rules and format, we have 8 people so far, recruiting more now. looking for 15 teams.


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      If you're interested in a live auction in Stafford VA on Sat March 28th, you could be our 15th team. 25 man auction (15 hitters, 10 pitchers), then 10 player draft, then 5 player minors' draft. 5x5, rotisserie, $215 entry. I can send a link to our constitution, if you're available.

      Edit: Righto Freedom, that would be quite a trek!
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        Thanks Gil. Sounds cool. I'm out in CA, so don't think I'd make it. I appreciate the offer.

        Joseph, is this the league: It says it's a Closed Page. I'm interested


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          The Diamond Dynasty Baseball League is the new facebook group, I created a new one with just managers


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              Freedom, I'm not sure of your real name, nor if you've read this yet, but I am saving a spot for you in the league, let me know asap your decision. The league is filling fast.


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                Definitely. Sounds great. thank you


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                  Yes freedom your spot is still being held, do you want to join the facebook group soon? we are discussing the settings now, whats yours name so I know who to accept your request.


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                    Wow, thanks a lot man. Really appreciate it. I think I did join the group, did I not? I'll check. I'm Scott Freeman