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New Years Day - Draft Champion League

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  • New Years Day - Draft Champion League

    Hello everyone,

    It's time to turn the fantasy baseball burner back on (did it ever really get shut off now that I think about it?)

    After playing in Draft Champion (draft & hold - details below) leagues for a few seasons, I've decided to start my own for 2015. The main reason for this: my other Draft Champion leagues do not start until after the Super Bowl and I want something earlier. That got me to thinking, what would be a great way to start the year 2015? Why not with a fantasy baseball draft? I suppose the fact the hung-over may make for some interesting 1st round picks, but there's 49 other rounds to make up for those.


    This will be a 15-team, mixed league, with an entry fee of $100.00. LeagueSafe will be used for collection of the entry fee and FanTrax will host the league.

    We will use standard rotisserie scoring (5x5 - R, HR, RBI, SB, BA & W, SV, K, ERA, WHIP), as well as standard rotisserie rosters - C, C, 1B, 2B, SS, 3B, MI, CI, OFx5, UTIL, Px9, with 27 man benches. This means we will draft in snake fashion for 50 rounds. After the draft and during the season we do not make any trades or free agent acquisitions. The team you draft is the team you have for the entire season. Each week you will have the opportunity to change your lineup & pitching staff, just like a weekly lineup rotisserie league. Lineups will need to be set 5 minutes prior to the first game each Monday.

    The Draft:

    As mentioned above, the draft will begin at noon (ET) on New Years Day. Each team will have 8 hours to make a selection. If a team does not make a selection within this 8 hour time frame, a pick will be auto-selected for said team. This autoselection will either be the highest ranked player available, or will be selected from the team's pre-ranked list.

    It is my experience some owners like to take 5 minutes to make a pick and some like to take 6+ hours on certain picks. It has also been my experience that some owners like to complain about how long certain picks take. That's fine, but it's not going to do anything for you. We're drafting a fantasy baseball team in January, what's the rush?

    The nice thing about FanTrax slow drafts is the option to setup an email alert when it is your turn to draft. This means you do not have to constantly get on to check and see if it is your turn, instead just wait for the email. I find this helps keep tensions down for inpatient managers.

    Kentucky Derby Style:

    We will use a KDS draft order process. What this means is, each team will send in their preferred draft slot once the league is filled. This could be as simple as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 etc, or perhaps you want the turns, so 1, 2, 15, 14, 3, 13, 8, 4, etc. We will then use a random draft order machine to pick the order in which owners lists are selected. The first owner on the random draft order selection gets their first preferred slot. The next owner selected gets their top preferred slot that is available, all the way down to the last player, who obviously just gets what is left.

    Draft Sleep Time:

    Some Draft Champion Leagues I've played in do not use a "Draft Sleep Timer" and others do. With the use of an 8-hour clock, I prefer to have a handful of hours in the middle of the night where the clock is not running. Again, we're drafting in January, we have plenty of time. The Draft Sleep Timer will not be long, however, all picks and in turn, the selection clock, will freeze between the hours of 2 A.M. ET & 5 A.M. ET. This three hour freeze will allow owners to not worry if they sleep in or go to bed early one night. It will also help with the time difference between West Coast and East Coast owners. Even if a West Coast owner makes a pick at 1:58 A.M. ET (10:58 P.M. PT) while an East Coast owner is in bed, the clock will not start for him essentially until 5 A.M. the next morning (with 2 minutes run off in this particular example). This would mean, even if said East Coast owner slept in the following day, or couldn't check until the "kids were out the door for school", he'd have until 12:58 P.M. the following day to make his pick, and more than likely would have been up and at em' much earlier to make his selection. This also helps the West Coast owners who are obviously waking up later due to the time difference.

    Player Eligibility:

    We will use 20 games played the PREVIOUS season to establish draft day eligibility. We will use 5 games played DURING the season for new position eligibility. Considering in-season acquisitions are not allowed in this format, using a 5 game in-season eligibility limit, can help when/if signification injuries strike. FanTrax default position eligibility will also be used.


    In the case of a tie, we will use two tie-breaking scenarios. The first is whichever team is ahead in Home Runs. If that does not settle the tie, it will be the team ahead in ERA. If a tie still exists, the two teams will split the prize money for that particular spot.

    Speaking of prize money.

    As mentioned above, the league entry fee will be $100.00 for this particular Draft Champion league. This will create a $1,500.00 prize pool.

    The prizes will be paid out as follows:

    1st: $675 (45%)
    2nd: $450 (30%)
    3rd: $225 (15%)
    4th: $150 (10%)

    To reserve your spot, please email me at dave.morrisjr at yahoo dot com and I will send a league invite. LeagueSafe invites will not be sent until the league is full or we approach New Years Day. I'd like to have everyone paid for a week prior to the draft, as finding owners in December for a draft that begins New Years day can take some time.

    Thanks for taking the time to read the rules and for any interest you may have in joining this amazing format.
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    My team: 10-Team AL-Only Keeper: 5x5 (OBP & K-BB)

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    2 initial questions - what is the keeper rule and what restrictions on drafting minor league players?


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      Hey Kerl,

      No keepers. We're doing a draft champion style league (50-round redraft)

      23 man rosters and 27 man benches that can be minor league or major league players.
      My team: 10-Team AL-Only Keeper: 5x5 (OBP & K-BB)


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        We are down to the final 3-spots (pending everyone paying once we fill up)

        If interested, don't wait! We have a few HQ guys as well!
        My team: 10-Team AL-Only Keeper: 5x5 (OBP & K-BB)


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          Is this league full? I sent you an email a couple days ago...


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            Weird, I wonder if my spam caught it.

            This league is full.

            I'm looking into starting another D/C league, but making the entry fee $30.00 and paying out the top-7. Basically make it a mock with some skin in the game, a way to scratch a draft itch earlier, etc.
            My team: 10-Team AL-Only Keeper: 5x5 (OBP & K-BB)


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              I'd be interested


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                Me too.


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                  awesome. The idea came to me yesterday and I put it up on Reddit, the Cafe and a few other places. If you guys are in, that would make 7 already wanting to participate, so that's awesome. Go ahead and PM me your email addresses and I can get a link over to you guys.

                  For anyone else interested, let me know, as I mentioned the low entry point ($30) allows anyone to try out the D/C format, or just use the experience as a glorified mock with a chance at some dinner money at the end of the season.

                  The prizes will be paid out as follows:
                  1st: $120 2nd: $80 3rd: $70 4th: $60 5th: $50 6th: $40 7th: $30 (money back)
                  My team: 10-Team AL-Only Keeper: 5x5 (OBP & K-BB)


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                    I should also clarify, this is a different league from the New Years league I setup earlier. I had a scheduling conflict due to a new writing opportunity for that draft and handed the controls over to a guy I played with last season. Turns out the time needed for the writing will not interfere with early season drafts, so I'm setting this one up now. The draft will start a week after we fill up and have everyone paid, which with 7 tentatively ready to go, shouldn't take all too long, more than likely get going the first week in January.
                    My team: 10-Team AL-Only Keeper: 5x5 (OBP & K-BB)


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                      ONE spot left in this newly created, low-entry fee D/C league. Going fast - league is about 14 hours old.
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                        We're now full and set to start the draft on 1-4-14. That said, I have 4 owners who have yet to pay. The deadline is Friday, but I'd like to line up potential replacement owners before then. There is one owner in particular who has not responded for a few days and I believe will remain inactive. Please send me an email if you'd still like a chance to get in the league.
                        My team: 10-Team AL-Only Keeper: 5x5 (OBP & K-BB)


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