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Like Dynasty Leagues? Know Your Minor Leaguers? Two Owners Wanted

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  • Like Dynasty Leagues? Know Your Minor Leaguers? Two Owners Wanted

    In my dynasty league we just lost two owners who were too busy to continue with their teams. It was a pleasant parting of the ways -- real life sometimes does that, can't be helped -- but it leaves me with two open slots. I would like to find new owners now instead of waiting for the offseason for several reasons:

    1. You can get to know the other owners during our annual rule change discussions that occur during the All Star Break.

    2. You can begin to know your new team, start making trades, drop guys you don't want, etc. Trading is frozen after the All Star Break ends, with our playoffs beginning about four week later.

    3. Free agency continues as long as the MLB regular season is being played, so you could continue to add and drop players, including minor leaguers. Know some deep sleepers? Pick 'em up!

    This is a 12-team mixed H2H points league played on CBS. $25 total cost to you, which is waived for 2014. We have a free agent email draft in February, and we have a first-year player email draft in August. Free agency closes in the offseason, but trading remains open then. We have 78-man rosters, composed of 9 batters, 9 pitchers and a 60-man bench. How you use that bench is up to you. Want current major leaguers for depth? Fine. Want to get nothing but minor leaguers for speculative future use? Fine. Want to go 30-30 in split? Do that.

    This is an easy league that should not interfere with your other leagues. It is head-to-head, and we play two games a week, Mon-Thu and Fri-Sun. So you can get by with just 10 minutes spent per week, to set your lineup twice. But the owners we are looking for will want to spend a lot more time in the fun of building your team over time. For you see this is dynasty play -- there are no salaries, no contracts, get a player and keep him for 20 years if you want. You get Mike Trout (he's on one of the abandoned teams), he can be yours for his entire career.

    This league is made up of owners who have known each other for a long time, so we all get along well. The kind of owners we want are active, and positive, and responsive. Not someone who ignores emails, doesn't set their lineups, etc.

    Would you like to be part of a dynasty league where you can build your team your way for the long haul? Think you know your minor league talent? Are you willing to join an existing league where you will at first only know me (the commissioner) and Keano's Magic Hat (another of the owners)? Once you check out the league and the teams, and you decide you would like to join, would you plan to stay for years and start building your team right away?

    If so, please PM me, and please tell me why you think you would be a good owner for this league. Once I decide on both owners, I will hold a dispersal draft between the two teams. / @NickRichardsHQ

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    I would have an interest; what is the player population? What are the categories?

    I am pretty low-keyed and active. Not a big trader (only if it makes sense to both teams). Usually in the money in current leagues so I can compete. Not as much on the minor leagues as the majors but I can dig beyond the first 100.

    Let me know, Thanks


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      Mixed league. Starting roster:

      1 C
      1 1B
      1 2B
      1 SS
      1 3B
      3 OF
      1 DH
      9 P (Max 5 SP per match)

      So the starting lineup is not deep, but our benches make it deep. / @NickRichardsHQ


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        Standard scoring or some oddball items


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          Like Dynasty Leagues? Know Your Minor Leaguers? Two Owners Wanted

          Oh, sorry, forgot to talk about scoring. It's points based, and it's 10 different ways to score as a batter and 10 as a pitcher. It's total points scored, not categories.

          I never know what's standard. I only know our IP score of 4.5 is unusual, and leads to SP being quite valuable. But we made Holds equal to Saves, so you can build a good bullpen without chasing saves.

          3 points for a single, 4 for 2B, 5 for 3B, 6 for HR. 5 points for a Win.

          Those are the big ones. Reading the constitution is how you can tell for sure if you'd like the league.
 / @NickRichardsHQ


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            Hi Nick,

            I'd be interested in taking a look at the constitution for the remainder of the rules. In recent years I've trimmed down the number of fantasy teams I manage to focus more on each individual team. With a "home-town" AL-only keeper and a 16-team redraft (same owners each year) already consuming my fantasy baseball time, I'd like to add one more team that I can manager more hands on. The 16-team mixed league is a no-trading league and the AL-Only league is typically either a "go-for-it" or "dump-trade" type of league.

            I follow prospects beyond the top-insert number, but am not die-hard by any means. It would be fun to add a reason to dive a little deeper into that particular pool of baseball and fantasy play however.

            Thank you,
            My team: 10-Team AL-Only Keeper: 5x5 (OBP & K-BB)


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              I'm in this league, it's a great league and well worth a look.

              Nick (top shelf commish - what you see i here is what you get) set it up to a stress free, easy fun league. Turns out it hits the sweet spot for a dynasty league, and there are lots of ways to build a winning roster. For many of us its becoming out most enjoyable league experience. Still smoothing out the edges in the ruleset, but what we have is solid.

              Its a H2H points league so you have to have your head in that space, but the points make the players valuable in the ways that real players are valuable.

              Its a shallow league, but with enormous benches. That makes it easy to build a decent team, but really hard to build a consistently winning one. Not too much left in FA (the best batter right now is probably Ben Revere or Seth Smith) , but there are still pickings (Im still dirty at owning and letting Brian Dozier go last year).

              We dont go crazy bloodface deep in the minors, but we do go deep and you still get real benefit from picking guys up as they emerge. Or from stashing international signees, or from knowing the ML draft backwards.

              Theres a diversity of owners, plenty of statheads, HQ types (and lots of members), but also some more old school owners. We even have a scout (or two). Mad traders and more conservative types. All the different approaches have worked in the past (this league grew as an offshoot of another which was set up must be 15 years ago), and the culture is respectful (but robust). Probably 1/2 the league harkens back to those days, and lots of others have come in, won and improved the culture and the game.

              If something like that sounds appealing at all, please come in and try!


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                I have one owner now, but I'm still waiting for a second.

                Hint: I prefer owners who follow instructions...
       / @NickRichardsHQ


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                  And we have our second owner, so this thread is done.

                  Again, I said to PM me. Those who did got in.
         / @NickRichardsHQ