*16 team H2H 1st year Keeper League (5 Keepers)
*Minor League Roster (5-8 max) without counting against your max roster. We will know way before draft amount of minor league players allowed.
*Live Snake Draft
*$550 entry fee (HUGE PAYOUTS)!!!!!!!!
*Entry fees paid via League Safe (ultimate peace of mind)

$$$$$$$ PAYOUTS $$$$$$$

Potential to win over $6,000!!!!!

*Winner: $5,550
*Runner Up: $2,550
*Team with most total points at the end of regular season: $250
*Team with the longest winning streak during the regular season: $250

*(We are open to suggestions but winner and runner up will more than likely stay the same).

What type of owners is the "Dedicated Baseball GM's" league looking for?

Dedicated owners that will remain active, honest and competitive throughout the entire duration of the season and hopefully for the years to come. This league also desires that owner that loves to communicate and also give their own feedback to make this league the best it can be. I want next year to come and have the same 16 owners continuing on the tradition of this new keeper league. The way I see it is that this will be the only way to make this league as special as it can be... the longer the tenure of all owners the better the rivalries, trash talking and bragging rights. Once again I'm taking responsibility in creating this wonderful league but full owner participation and feedback is greatly encouraged (open door policy). We want to make this the league that people fight over for just to be able to be a part of it.

Why join this league instead of a regular CBS league?

Entry fee is only $550 for these amazing payouts. Go ahead and compare on sportsline how much your payouts would be if you join one of their own leagues. I'll do the legwork for you. If you want the chance to win $5,000 you will have to pay $999.99. If you want the chance to win $2,500 you will have to pay $499.99... Get my point? For your information all entry fees collected will be used towards the payouts (for the exception of $159.99 which is what I came out of pocket to create the league on sportsline.

Thanks for looking into my post and for further details and more information please reply or send email to apuig1214@hotmail.com