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Announcing the Brand-New AL1000 Rotisserie Baseball KEEPER League, $1000 LeagueSafe

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  • Announcing the Brand-New AL1000 Rotisserie Baseball KEEPER League, $1000 LeagueSafe

    Thanksfor taking a moment to read my post. I currently run 3 leagues but the onething that's missing is an AL-Only Keeper League. I'm trying to get an idea ifthere is enough interest to put a full league together in the next six weeks,so that we can hold the auction in late March or early April (date/time tbd),right around Opening Day.

    Here's the proposed basic setup:

    Standard 23-man roster for $260 auction dollars. 4 x 4 Roto using RunsProduced. Weekly transactions via FAAB. 2-man bench with separate DL. Onlineauction with CBS. 100% payout to top 5 teams via LeagueSafe.

    This will be a deep league, with 12 or 13 teams.

    What kind of owners do I want?

    Looking for skilled players who are in for the long haul (think 10-yearcommitment at least). Looking for owners who do not cause problems in theirleagues (you know who you are). Looking for owners who really want to be a partof a special league where the same owners return each and every year.

    This league will require all owners to pay a 50% deposit for the followingseason, in advance. Refundable only if you depart on good terms and with yourteam in good standing. (I do this in my NL and it has been invaluable forleague continuity).

    If you wish to be a part of the new AL 1000 Rotisserie Baseball KEEPER League,please contact me via email and tell me a little bit about yourself.