There may or not be one HQ writer and one HQ contributor that may or may not do a weekly spot with Patrick in this league....

New England Rotisserie League

11 team, AL only 5x5 rotisserie keeper draft league (over 25 years in existence) looking for a new team by Feb 25 to have an expansion draft
$300 buy-in plus extra money to sign players to contracts beyond the 2nd year (for a total of 5 year max)
3 round minor league draft precedes auction
Players, minor league players, minor league draft picks, and FAAB can be traded
After Commissioner fee and stats deducted from pool, pay-outs are the typical for 1st-4th place (50%, 25%, 15%, 10%)
Draft is 10 AM on April 12 in Salem, MA
Must attend draft to participate
Contact for more information