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Two NL only 5x5 league openings

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  • Two NL only 5x5 league openings

    Work situation. Is forcing an owner to drop from two separate leagues; he and I were the only duplicate owners. So:

    League one, locally based in St. Louis MO for 15-20 years, with an in person draft set for April 12 this year. Phone in is not impossible after that but the new owner ought to show up the first year at the very least. Team finished 5th last year and in my opinion does not look all that good heading into 2014. Some chance of adjusting a couple contracts down to get the squad into the 7-10 solid keeps for the new owner. Rules are "old school" and change little from "the book" 15 years ago. Main thing is you cannot replace players before July unless they hit the DL or minors. Costs are 1\2 "book", most teams spend $350-400.

    League two, began in Ann Arbor exactly 30 years ago and still retains half of the original teams. Fit is important, we'd ideally like somebody to sign on for the next 25 years. If you follow the Big Ten that would be great, and ideally if you lived near one of our current members that would be a plus also. Those members live in Ann Arbor, northern part of the state to the southeast of Michigan, St. Louis, Seattle, San Diego, Boston, N. Cal, Vermont, and in Zurich. Draft this year is in person in Phoenix on March 29, and rotates based upon the selection of the last years champion. Have been to Tampa, New Orleans, Vegas, LA, San Diego, Key West, Seattle, and Playa Del Carmen; if I ever win we're going skiing. Guys do Skype into the draft. We'd prefer everybody to show up but recognize life intervenes and a trip isn't always practical. On the other hand never showing up is not a good option either, and a first year appearance would be a good idea. The available team finished 6th last year and again looks weak. But there are 6-7 other equally bad teams, a couple average, and three that look to duke it out for the top and things always change. Could be some sweetener for a new owner. Fees are $300, you can overspend with roster expansions in September but otherwise is prix fix.